Tuesday, 9 August 2011

TCA 2011: A Mid-Summer's Nightmare

First of all,  I'm very sorry this is a day late. Monday was my birthday-  oh I'm so old- so I was too busy doing some birthday-related activities!  Although I love the summer, this season does leave me missing the red carpet reviews of the winter time. I was so happy to hear the Teen Choice Awards were quickly approaching. As my last year of teen-dom, I figured that the looks would be stellar. I was pretty wrong. Obviously, the Teen Choice Awards are no Oscars; however, where were the cool maxis and summertime glamour that I always crave?  I missed the Teeen awards because I went to go see the new apes movie, but here's a fun clip that I found on YouTube:

He is so cool.

This made my heart go "pitter patter!"

Let's continue this red carpet review!


  • Ashley Greene (Givenchy): This is massively disappointing. While I do love my Givenchy, I think this was styled in the most boring way possible. The stick straight hair and the lines of the dress give this look absolutely no movement. And the strappy heels? Way too chunky and off-balanced for this look. A colored, or even nude, pump would make this outfit a million times better. And the diamond bracelet? Where did this come from? I thought this was supposed to be a super sleek look- this is too mis-matched. I've seen better looks.
  • Tyra Banks (Thierry Mugler): I think this outfit speaks for itself but, in the event you're not seeing it the same way I am,  here it goes: while this may be cool for the runway, I despise this as a red carpet look. It's way too sexual for the teen awards. Sure, her body looks fine; however, I'm not okay with this look in the slightest. Bad, Tyra, Bad!
  • Cory Monteith (John Varvatos): I'm going to make think simple: his tight pants make me uncomfortable. 
  • Zooey Deschanel (Miu Miu): I see Zooey's bringing the old lady to the Teen Choice Awards. I love Miu Miu but this dress, just not for this youthful event. Also the black clutch and pumps? Way too matchy matchy! Also, that heel just looks whimpy. I dont' know how she could improve this look, but she's cooler than this.
  • Rebecca Black (I-don't-wanna know): Look, I know Rebecca Black isn't a budding fashionista; however, shouldn't you live it up and wear haute couture during your fifteen minutes of fame? The color looked nice on her, but it was the farthest thing from flattering. I guess putting her on the worst dressed list is also an attack on her popularity: I really hate that song.
  • Gillian Jacobs (I-don't-wanna-know-either): THIS IS SO WRONG! I get really upset when people mix silver and gold in such a nonchalant way. The gold of her black dress is such a statement aspect and the silver in her chunky shoes...too much! Also, why would you pair an elegant dress with such chunky shoes?! THE WORST. Her hair is fine; however, her makeup is totally boring. She just looks so blah and so mismatched.
  • Emma Stone (Dior Resort): Biggest disappointment. While I love her hair and makeup, WHAT IS THIS DRESS! It's so sloppy and not even chic: it's so messy! Her legs also look way too pale and as if she's wearing tights! This is just wrong all over the place and I wish it would stop.
  • AnnaSophia Robb (Malandrino): Is this a joke? The shoes are insanely frumpy and that dress? So awkward! The length, the sad print, the matronly hair- AWKWARD.  And wasn't the last thing she was in The Bridge to Terabithia
  • Grace Phipps (Something Tragic): I feel bad because her team obviously doesn't like her enough to make her look chic. That awkward pageant-esque aspect on her dress is the worst. It's like trying to make a normal American Apparel dress chic. FAIL. And those shoes? This isn't even edgy, just tragic. Why don't these people learn?
  • Lucy Hale (Cengiz Abazoglu): Too much skin. She just looks like a major slut. But the shoes are really sick! But on the real, have some class please. 
  • Taylor Lautner (AllSaints): This is the perfect male movie star look. The awesome bomber is so chic and fashion forward; however, the jeans keep it casual and allow his true hotness to radiate. And, since this is the Teen's Choice Awards, nobody really expects him to rock a full-on suit. So this is the perfect way to look chic and effortless. Bravo!
  • Fergie (Dolce and Gabbana): Although her roots do look a little funky, I truly love this dress. I think it's the perfect mini that's super fun, fashion forward, and shows off the body in a sultry way. Also, I always think of bumble bees whenever I see black and yellow so I love anything that makes black and yellow cool! Since the dress is so poppin', I'm glad she kept the jewels, shoes, and clutch on a minimal level. Some may hate it; however, I love it! 
  • Zoe Saldana (Lanvin): Ultimate j'adore. I love the midi hem of this dress: so classy, yet the metallic color makes this Lanvin gown youthful and fun! While I would normally hate the belt, it keeps this look casual, as well as the minimal jewels. And the gold shoes give this dress an extra pop! She's so beautiful and always dresses like a stunner!
  • Selena Gomez (Erin Fetherson): Ugh, she always gets this so right. The asymmetry is so awesome and minimal-izing the jewels is the perfect match to that fabulous sash. I love how she always makes fashion so much fun! The long hair makes this look youthful and the hot pink clutch? Phenomenal! I also love how her shoes give a punch of fun! While I love a fun bag, what happens to the look when you're not carrying the bag? Hence, this look is right on!
  • Nina Dobrev (Dolce and Gabbana): I like this look because it's so simple, clean, yet fun. While I'm not a fan of the black pump, I think it makes this look a little more grounded as opposed to a lighter shoe. Since the checkers are so small, Dobrev, avoids looking like a modern Dorothy, which is lovely. The stacked bracelets makes this look even more youthful and I love the high ponytail! Classy, yet refreshing: major love! 


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