Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Style Files: All the Kids Have Always Known That the Emperor Wears No Clothes

I first heard "Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire in February but it took me until now to love it. It's one of those songs that make me want to start a riot of some sort. Odd? Yes. True? Totally.

Style-Spiration: Jane Aldridge 

As an aspiring fashionista and fashion blogger, it is imperative to look at other blogs. They serve as inspiration for my everyday life as well as your favorite blog, aka this one. And one of my favorite ones, which I highly recommend, is Sea of Shoes. Her pictures are so artistic and inspiring and I am OBSESSED with her outfits. Like, I really want to go vintage shopping with her. Anyways, I love her photo shoots! In fear of looking self centered, I rarely post personal pictures on my blog. Jane's pictures, however, are so natural.  I don't look at them and think, "Well this is awkward." Instead, I think, "I love her photography skills and outfits." So I want to dedicate this week to Jane , her immaculate glamour and styling.
In her Avalon blog post, she rocked this look and I quickly became obsessed. The almost monochromatic look is absolutely striking with her orange hair and red lip. I also love old band shirts and I love how she styled it with light Club Monaco bomber jacket: very rock and roll without going overboard. Obsessed! (Photo Cred)
Not only am I in love with this beautiful vintage dress, but I love how she styles each and every look from head to toe. The half-up hair style? It works so well with this haltered dress! I feel like sometimes, I forget to style my hair so I feel like I'm slacking whenever I look at this blog. The print is so eccentric so keeping the jewels and shoes simple was perfect. I loved the Pink Panther post.(Photo Cred)
The Black Tie was literally a dream. The silhouette of the Nannette Lepore skirt is gorgeous. Mixed with that vintage blouse? On another level! So old school Hollywood slash a glamazon-ed Audrey Hepburn. Those tortoise adds such a wow factor to the look. And those fabulous Miu Mius are the perfect way to spice up a completely black ensemble. Out of this world.  (Photo Cred)
If you haven't realized by now, I love when fabulously fashionable people can have fun with what they wear. In my mind, the Wolf Gang blog post epitomizes fun fash-tivities (told you I'd use that term again). Although it is quite zany, I love he wolf sweater: it's so fun and looks quite cozy! Styled with the large headband and skinnies reminds me of a weekend at a ski lodge. And I love the lip color: it adds a hint of glam to such a casual look!  (Photo Cred)

And now, onto the Weekly!
  • Angelina Jolie at the Sarajevo Film Festival (Elie Saab): Lately, Jolie has been wearing a lot of color. And I love it. The length of this dress is age appropriate; however, the beautiful coral is completely glamorous.  Although I think a really loose chignon would complete this look, the nude Jimmy Choo peep toes are perfection. I originally didn't like the lack of jewels, but I changed my mind. If she had on fierce jewels, it would look too much like dress-up. Don't get me wrong, I love dress up. But now isn't the time!
  • Dianna Argon at the Late Show with David Letterman (Stella McCartney): OBSESSED. First of all I love the chopped hair, very sexy!  She did a complete black look PERFECTLY! The velvet accents give this look some character and the peplum flare makes this dress so much fun. I would complain about the lack of jewels- are you surprised- but I think the lip color is the PERFECT accessory. Divine! On Wednesday, I wore a fuchsia lip with black! Copying is the nicest form of flattery?


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