Friday, 5 August 2011

The Kate Debate

I've always thought that Catherine Middleton literally rocked everything she wore...until I saw her outfit at Zara Phillips' wedding. I'm not sure if how I feel about this look so, to spice things up, I'm going to have an inner debate...on this blog. This may seem schizophrenic- I promise you I don't have a problem- but it's a fun way to determine your true feelings. And if they do something similar on The Gloss, I suppose it's a fad. The Internet can't hide anything!
Wearing Jane Troughton (Photo Cred)
Pessimistic Trendologist (aka Pessy): She's not even thirty and Queen Elizabeth is wearing chicer outfits! Obviously, Catherine can rock a body con silhouette and platform shoes, but the awkward A-Line hem isn't doing it for me.
Optimistic Trendologist (aka Oppy): It's classic! And what would you expect? A pencil skirt? That SCREAMS elementary school principle.
Pessy: True, but what about Katherine Kelly's dress? It's been getting negative reviews, although I like the concept of it.
Oppy: It's a nice concept; however, Catherine is a part of the Royal Family, not an actress.
Pessy: Okay, but what about the concept of Countess of Wessex's suit?
Oppy: True, that is dressier.
Pessy: And she's a repeat offender?!
Oppy: She's being economically friendly! What a role model!
Pessy: But at multiple high profile events?
Oppy: You're right, not cool. But it's a beautiful color.
Pessy: Agreed, but those shoes? Obviously neither Christian Louboutin nor Brian Atwood will ever be her top contenders, but maybe a Manolo?
Oppy: It's a classy choice, tasteful.
Pessy: But the color is so boring! In a certain lighting, it looks like a nude pump, which makes me excited. And then it looks like a matte silver.
Oppy: It's dainty, Pessy?
Pessy: But dainty is better for the summer, don't you think? It's summer, I'd either like a nude or a light blue to match Prince Harry's suit, because she must've realized she married the less attractive Prince.
Oppy: Well...that is a fabulous hat.
Pessy: Yes, you're right.

In conclusion, fabulous hat but this is not the place to repeat outfits, especially a less-than-perfect outfit.


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