Monday, 29 November 2010

The Weekly: I'm A Toughie

HAPPY POST- THANKSGIVING! Now that everyone's tummies are filled to the brim and the Black Friday-I capitalize this because it is a holiday- frenzy is over, we are officially in Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa mode! Yes that's right, bring out your cheesy holiday sweaters, which I secretly wish I owned, and deck the holidays in style!

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Bridget Jones...what a classic!

This awkward intermission of holidays is especially awkward for us college kids who just want to go shopping. Now, it is at the point where if I see something, it should be "added to my list". Although this is quite frustrating, I obviously ended Thanksgiving break with some fabulous steals.

Here's what I love most about these pieces: they're not typically "me". Although I have accepted and relish in my innate femininity, I just love this "toughie" change. So far, I've enjoyed juxtaposition-ing these accessories with more feminine pieces. I'm so pleased that I'm finally trying to break out of my girly bubble. I almost feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2

This movie=my life.

Steve Madden. I got almost $40 off of these bad boys, YAY BLACK FRIDAY! A lot of people at school have uber androgynous booties like so...why not try them for myself? To me, these are so effortlessly chic and I love the hardware!

Ted Baker. I've been obsessed with this bag for the longest time. Once our paths crossed again, I  knew it was meant to be. Destiny. Yes, the details are really similar to bullets. And yes,  I think it's so awesome. I got this beauty just today, and I've been thrilled ever since.

SORRY THIS PART WAS SO LONGBut let's  be real...wasn't too thrilled with the weeklies this week! But I still have some nice looks so, for your pure enjoyment, here are the weeklies!

  • Jessica Simpson at SiriusXM Radio Station: At first, I really hated this look: there was nothing mind blowing about it so I continued my search for weekly looks. But as I thought about it more, I was pleased with this outfit for one reason and only reason only: it flattered Jessica. It is quite obvious that this starlet is no longer livin' la vida loca in her Daisy Dukes, but she's human and everyone needs to get off her case. That being said, she has had a lot of dias...issues dressing for her body. But finally, she's covered up! The black looks undoubtedly flattering and the drapped shirt and loose blazer also creates a slimming effect. Like anything else, fashion is a learning process so I give her credit for learning what looks good versus what does not!
  • Elisabeth Moss at the International Emmy Awards (Bibhu Mohapatra): Though I think the styling is EXTREMELY off -I'm not a fan of the light make-up, accessories, or the the down hair for an asymmetrical bodice- this Mohapatra is absolutely stunning. Although the color washes her out a little bit, it's so soft and feminine which I LOOOVE. Everytime I look at this dress, I find something new to go completely GAGA over. The intricate details at the bodice, learning that this  dress has two straps, NOT ONE! It looked really flattering on her as well! Now if we can just find this girl a suitable stylist.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Let's Talk About the AMA's

This has been SO OVERDUE, with the holidays and colleging, but at last I have my own compilation of the Best and Worst dressed of the 2010 American Music Awards. I'm so pleased that my boy, Michael Buble, won buut Beiber as 'Entertainer of the Year'....oooooof!!   Overall, the looks were just alright. I mean...some people pushed the envelope, but I was smitten with it.  So here it is, for your viewing pleasure!

Here's a little something for enjoyment!

Katy Perry should lip sync.


  • Taylor  Swift: While I appreciate Taylor's effort to turn into a mature and sophisticated individual, this was a painfully basic outfit. To me, she's not evolving as herself but a different person: I am really not a fan of her new haircut; it's so weird and let's be honest,  her curls make her. whole look. And this dress is too simple for a transformation. She totally needs to spice it up! She'll get it one day!
  • Ke$ha: I can barely even function a decent response. THIS IS HANEOUS?!  There is literally nothing about this outfit that is the least bit chic. The mohawk,  the makeup, the pleather-ish fabric and disgusting fringe?! UGHH SO GROSS I CANOT EVEN DEAL. I respect her individuality but DSUIDAISDH SO TERRIFYING!
  • Nicki Minaj: Is this a new Avatar critter? I'm confused. Conceptually, the print and colors are interesting, but I really don't like the plethora of three dimensional objects. And I really do not like this whole two toned deal...pick one and stick with it!!  But I will give her this, she looks incredibly put together, even though I don't like her look.
  • Julianne Hough: You know how I feel about lace and femininity, I love it, but I'm not diggin' this.  To me, this took much Victoria Secret catalog than fashion. Also, that bag is a little too She wears it well, with her old glam Hollywood,  for sure, but I believe it's rather trashy.
  • Natasha Beddingfield: FOR REAL? This is something I'd wear to a nice dining event! This is what I'm not liking about this Red Carpet, half of these looks are too crazy and the other half is way too plain. She looks lovely but waaay too casual.
  • Miley Cyrus: Shocker, I know, but I really like this short dress with a long train. It's probably because she's wearing Marchesa!  The color looked so great with her coloring. Her accessories were pretty simplistic, which complemented the long train extremely well. Overall, this look was so young and fresh, but still really chic. Great look, Miley!
  • Kelly Osbourne: I'm so smitten with Kelly's awesome fashion transformation; she looks so clean, chic, and gorgeous.  This LBD suits her perfectly. The silhouette, lace details, and knee-length hem was stunning and so flattering on her newly trim figure. I'm glad she remained classy with this look, pairing the dress off with a black platform pump. It is so pin-up esque and I'm obsessed. 
  • Heidi Klum: For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I love this version of a long laced dress. I think having the whole dress lace makes it so much more interesting and chic. That hint of red on the belt makes it a little more interesting and eliminates an "old lady vibe". The sleek updo and dangles are the perfect way to complete this haute look!
  • Jenny McCarthy: This one shouldered number look so awesome on her. The electric blue is so refreshing and looks great with her blonde hair and blue eyes! What I like best about this look is how polished it is: her her is slicked back, minimal jewels, and black pumps. No muss, no fuss!! 
  • Stana Katic: Va-va-voooom! She looks so sexy and chic, its' incredible!  Long sleeved minis are my favorites and a sparkled one makes it EVEN BETTER! I'm glad she didn't overdue the sparkles, with bedazzling accessories. Although I would've liked a sleek ponytail on Stana, her voluptuous waves looked so fabulous. And the gunmetal pumps was the perfect finishing touch! 

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Weekly: Rollin' With the Homies

SO SORRY FOR NO BLOG LAST NIGHT! I was chilling with my incredibly lovely homies FROM HOME! My weekend has been PACKED with good food, good friends, and good fun! So I didn't prepare much and I didn't like many looks this week buuut here it is (except a FULL AMA converage later)

The Weeklies:

  • Halle Berry at Harry Winston Event (Dolce and Gabbana): Seriously, can Halle Berry do any wrong? This black Dolce and Gabbana  looks STUNNING ON HER. I love the dark coloring and well as the oh-so- sexy and oh-so flattering silhouette. As much as I love an over-the-top accessorization, her minimalistic jewels were so chic and worked so well. LOVED IT. She is flawless.
  • Anne Hathaway at Sex, Love, and Other Drugs Premiere (Valentino):  I love all things retro, and this is no exception. THIS VALENTINO IS AMAZING. I love the mod white is absolutely stunning with Anne's hair color. The bow and frills are absolutely incredible, I'm soo smitten with this!! A sleek ponytail would be better and I'm not a big fan of the nude accessories but I'm loving it! Obviously, a Rachel Zoe creation!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bah-nan-nahs For Baby

RACHEL ZOE IS PREGNANT! I personally find this extremely exciting because I'm obsessed with Rachel Zoe. Now...where's my invite to the baby shower? Anyways...I thought this would be an extremely appropriate time to pick out what Baby Zoe will wear!

Baby Zoe would totally shut it down in this white toggled jacket (wee people).
I think it'd be absolutely presh if the baby girl was a mini Rachel Zoe. I'm talking BABY VINTAGE. Perhaps Brian Atwood will start making some baby shoes. Obviously, Baby Rachel would need some fabulous baby fur!

BABY BRAD (obvi NOT Baby Rodger):
Baby Zoe would totally rock this sweater (crew cuts).
So I think that Baby Brad should be a little Preppy McGee: sweaters, oxfords, vests, ties, the whole SHBANG!

Well, without a doubt, that will be one fabulous baby!


Monday, 15 November 2010

Urban is My Weakness

Yes, there I said it: I have a problem with Urban Outfitters. Don't worry, there's no beefage, I'm just obsessed with the store. No surprise, everything is so chic/glam/hipster- how could you NOT like it! I went shopping a week ago, got some pretty stellar clothes. And just today, I ordered a quilt, shams, and a beret on sale.  I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH! The whole look in currently into is prints galore: stripes, florals, plaids, PRINTS EVERYWHERE!! And interesting zips and other clasps are all the rage, too! No wonder I got prints with AWESOME attachments!

Awesome plaid with a lovely zipper/button combination.

Hook and Eye and Florals? What could be better?
Mixing and matching these two prints created an outfit that I LOOOVE!
I love the endless buttons on this demin flowy skirt.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Weekly: So Fierce It's So Nuts

Yesterday, something really cool happened to me: I helped out at my VERY first fashion show. Yes thats right, I was a dresser for my university's Fashion Club semi-annual show. It was pretty incredible. At first, i was a little bit nervous about not knowing what exactly to do as a dresser. And the time restriction seemed stressful. BUT IT WAS A BLAST. I loved working with the designers, models, and people who actually have a passion for fashion.
No pictures of the actual show but it looked FABulous.
I have a LOT of weekly looks so I'll just cut to the chase; onto the Weekly!
  • Shakira at the 2010 Bambi Awards: I'm so in love with this look; she looks like a golden goddess! I'm obsessed!!  One shoulder dresses are so in right now and the silhouette hugged her body in the RIGHT way. The golden tone and the texture of the dress was so gorgeous and I loved her beachy waves, it was so refreshing and so Shakira. I also enjoyed how she matched the metallics with a matte clutch. Purely incredible.
  • Olivia Palermo at the Glamour Awards: So I'm oddly obsessed with Olivia Palermo's style and this look is no different! The textures and fabric mixture is so awesome, chic, and trendy, I'm in love. I've seen a lot of the shear skirt looks and I think that Palermo does it the best.  The V-Neck is so tasteful  but definitely sexy. The sleek updo makes her look like a class act. And the accessories?! I LOVE GOLD. And that slim leopard belt, so unexpected but so awesome! And her style...but that's a given, right? 
  • Victoria Beckham at a Fashion Conference: This may sound cliche, but Victoria Beckham ceases to amaze me: she always looks so incredibly POSH. Especially in this three-quartered dress. First of all, I love sleeved dresses. Second of all, yellow is so awesome: so happy, mod, and fashion forward. And the sleek ponytail makes the whole look come together. And, when mixed with Chanel, what could be better?
  • Ginnifer Goodwin at MOCA Gala (Chanel): I see that BU alums have incredible style, true story. I love this Chanel, who doesn't love Chanel?! I'm obsessed with pearls and lace, I'm your traditional girly girl, so this dress looks absolutely DIVINE. The bodice is so intricate, which makes the rather plain lace skirt a perfect foil. And I also love how she had neutral make up on, it was so effortless and chic. This whole look, in fact, is just that.
  • Rachel McAdams at the Morning Glory New York Premiere (Lanvin):  Rachel McAdams is so gorgeous, and this premiere is no exception! I love when she wears soft colors; this Lanvin was PERFECT. Usually, I'm not a big fan of ruched dresses, but this one complimented her hourglass figure instead of hindering it. While I would choose a different pair of shoes, I still think she looks absolutely wonderful.
  • Kate Hudson at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Lanvin): I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would be Kate Hudson if I could be any modern Hollywood starlet. I love her free-spirit, her movies, and her style. This one shoulder- once again, another big trend- looks absolutely positively chic on her.  The side ruche, however, gives this dress a lot of spice. And I love the beige shimmer on her! She really looks like old time Hollywood glam. And the waves, mixed with the red lip, looks so retro and really incredible. I LOVE HER!
And that's it, folks!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Weekly: The Fashion Depression

This week, I was having a wee bit of a fashion depression.

Don't worry, this is not the same as an actual depression, but it isn't much fun. You know when you look at your closet and you just don't know? Like, when you lose your styling mojo and you opt for something decent but not amazing. That's what I've been experiencing. I've been trying to cure it all week, watching  The Rachel Zoe Project a plethora of times, reading the latest issue of Vogue , and even falling asleep to The September Issue last night. But there is not thing that can fix this issue more than a good 'ol trip to a store. In this case: Urban Outfitters. Although I only bought one presh skirt, it was SO refreshing to be surrounded by new and exciting clothes again.

I didn't take any pictures of interesting things this weekend but I saw this picture this week and I lol-ed.
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Now onto the weekly! A pretty good week in the land of fabulousity, if I do say so myself!

  • Nicole Kidman at Omega Watch Event (Lanvin): Really, can this woman do wrong? I remember many award shows ago, someone said that she can genuinely pull anything off. Not like this Lanvin is "hard to pull of", but she seriously looks heavenly. I love the white with her red hair, such a beautiful color combination.  The halter neck in addition to the cinched waist is so classic but not overdone. I love Grecian goddess looks, always, and Nicole works it so well. I'm glad that the Dolce & Gabbana shoes were a rather muted color: Nicole's fashionable but not always a risk taker. And the gold bangles?! PERFECT! While several silver pieces hold sentimental value and importance in my mind, I'm really starting to LOVE gold. A flawless look, once again!
  • The Kardashian Sisters at the NYC Dash Opening (varied designers): I'm not going to lie, I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's so fun and ADDICTING!! Although I don't always agree with their fashion choices, these girls looked so stunning. The overall theme of black showed unity but they all tapped into their personal styles. I love long sleeved dresses and sparkles so obviously I loved Kim's ensembles, especially paired with that sort-of-really-fabulous red sole. It hugged her body, but in the RIGHT way. Khloe also looked so chic: her dress was understated but so classy. The small details, however, made it look awesome: her hoops were so cool and the belt showed that she put effort into the dress. But definitely my favorite outfit of the three was Kourtney. I LOVED this: so sophisticated and I LOVED how she experimented with different silhouettes! Since she's a mommy now, I respect that she can keep it classy. The leopard shoes gave it some edge and it was so New York in my mind! Although I would've opted for different earrings and maybe a different hair-do, she still looked incredible! Three cheers for the Kardashians!
  • Tina Fey at the NYC Megamind premiere (Andy &Debb): Love it or hate it, I'm giving Tina BIG props for trying to move out of her fashion bubble: she's taking risks and that goes far with me! Personally, it was a major success! I love the silhouette and the geometric print: so mod which is something I'm really interested in right now! The accessories were a little minimal, but I think it works best for this look: simple and chic. She's gotta start somewhere if she's gonna be a fashionista! 
  • Anne Hathaway at the LA Premiere of Love and Other Drugs (Antonio Berardi): First of all, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE/ AM VERY ENVIOUS OF ANNE'S HAIR IN SAID MOVIE. I have such a middle school crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, but who doesn't? Although some might not like these "napkin accessories", I love it: how classy Gaga is it?! I like how this white dress has more of a two tone thing going on, which makes it exciting! I think it's rather simple, but it looks great!  I kind of wish she had different shoes though, the color works but I'm not crazy with the peep-toe.
  • Carrie Mulligan at BAFTA Brittania Awards (Preen): Ugh Carrie Mulligan, stop creeping on me with you resentfully amazing style. Seriously. I love love LOVE the hemline of this dress: so flattering on the calf, so classy, and so trendy. I'm a fan. And there's this difference in texture which I'm really loving. But what makes this outfit incredible is the electric blue YSL pumps: those pumps gave it the wow factor and gave what would be a plain look some pizazz. Now if only she stopped looking so miserable...


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Costuming in Style

So as a sequel to this Halloween blogging extravaganza, I've decided to discuss some fabulous Halloween costumes worn by some of our favorite stars. I was thinking about it today and the concept of celebrities dressing up for Halloween is so weird: they are held in such high esteem that we don't think of them as regular people. And don't we dress up as celebrities for Halloween?! Like... I would totally dress up as Rachel Zoe or Audrey Hepburn someday. I think it's really awesome though how  enthusiastic some celebrities are about Halloween!  


I love Rachel Zoe, if you didn't realize yet, and I'm so happy to see her let loose and have some fun with her costume. The Indian Warrior look was fab for her and was a major difference from her trendy/ Boho/vintage look.
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I am mildly obsessed with Modern Family and, more importantly, Rico Rodriguez: he is the cutest little boy ever and I love his Superman outfit.
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And Joan Rivers as Snooki is absolutely hysterical! Personally, I think the Fashion Police host makes a fiercer Snooki buuut that's just my opinion.
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You can't NOT admire the effort Heidi Klum puts into her costumes. I love ROBO- KLUM. It's so her and so much fun! 
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