Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Weekly: The Fashion Depression

This week, I was having a wee bit of a fashion depression.

Don't worry, this is not the same as an actual depression, but it isn't much fun. You know when you look at your closet and you just don't know? Like, when you lose your styling mojo and you opt for something decent but not amazing. That's what I've been experiencing. I've been trying to cure it all week, watching  The Rachel Zoe Project a plethora of times, reading the latest issue of Vogue , and even falling asleep to The September Issue last night. But there is not thing that can fix this issue more than a good 'ol trip to a store. In this case: Urban Outfitters. Although I only bought one presh skirt, it was SO refreshing to be surrounded by new and exciting clothes again.

I didn't take any pictures of interesting things this weekend but I saw this picture this week and I lol-ed.
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Now onto the weekly! A pretty good week in the land of fabulousity, if I do say so myself!

  • Nicole Kidman at Omega Watch Event (Lanvin): Really, can this woman do wrong? I remember many award shows ago, someone said that she can genuinely pull anything off. Not like this Lanvin is "hard to pull of", but she seriously looks heavenly. I love the white with her red hair, such a beautiful color combination.  The halter neck in addition to the cinched waist is so classic but not overdone. I love Grecian goddess looks, always, and Nicole works it so well. I'm glad that the Dolce & Gabbana shoes were a rather muted color: Nicole's fashionable but not always a risk taker. And the gold bangles?! PERFECT! While several silver pieces hold sentimental value and importance in my mind, I'm really starting to LOVE gold. A flawless look, once again!
  • The Kardashian Sisters at the NYC Dash Opening (varied designers): I'm not going to lie, I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's so fun and ADDICTING!! Although I don't always agree with their fashion choices, these girls looked so stunning. The overall theme of black showed unity but they all tapped into their personal styles. I love long sleeved dresses and sparkles so obviously I loved Kim's ensembles, especially paired with that sort-of-really-fabulous red sole. It hugged her body, but in the RIGHT way. Khloe also looked so chic: her dress was understated but so classy. The small details, however, made it look awesome: her hoops were so cool and the belt showed that she put effort into the dress. But definitely my favorite outfit of the three was Kourtney. I LOVED this: so sophisticated and I LOVED how she experimented with different silhouettes! Since she's a mommy now, I respect that she can keep it classy. The leopard shoes gave it some edge and it was so New York in my mind! Although I would've opted for different earrings and maybe a different hair-do, she still looked incredible! Three cheers for the Kardashians!
  • Tina Fey at the NYC Megamind premiere (Andy &Debb): Love it or hate it, I'm giving Tina BIG props for trying to move out of her fashion bubble: she's taking risks and that goes far with me! Personally, it was a major success! I love the silhouette and the geometric print: so mod which is something I'm really interested in right now! The accessories were a little minimal, but I think it works best for this look: simple and chic. She's gotta start somewhere if she's gonna be a fashionista! 
  • Anne Hathaway at the LA Premiere of Love and Other Drugs (Antonio Berardi): First of all, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE/ AM VERY ENVIOUS OF ANNE'S HAIR IN SAID MOVIE. I have such a middle school crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, but who doesn't? Although some might not like these "napkin accessories", I love it: how classy Gaga is it?! I like how this white dress has more of a two tone thing going on, which makes it exciting! I think it's rather simple, but it looks great!  I kind of wish she had different shoes though, the color works but I'm not crazy with the peep-toe.
  • Carrie Mulligan at BAFTA Brittania Awards (Preen): Ugh Carrie Mulligan, stop creeping on me with you resentfully amazing style. Seriously. I love love LOVE the hemline of this dress: so flattering on the calf, so classy, and so trendy. I'm a fan. And there's this difference in texture which I'm really loving. But what makes this outfit incredible is the electric blue YSL pumps: those pumps gave it the wow factor and gave what would be a plain look some pizazz. Now if only she stopped looking so miserable...


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  1. I agree! A simple visit to a fav store will do the trick! And, if you find a fab sale on a piece that you love...well, it's heaven!