Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Weekly: So Fierce It's So Nuts

Yesterday, something really cool happened to me: I helped out at my VERY first fashion show. Yes thats right, I was a dresser for my university's Fashion Club semi-annual show. It was pretty incredible. At first, i was a little bit nervous about not knowing what exactly to do as a dresser. And the time restriction seemed stressful. BUT IT WAS A BLAST. I loved working with the designers, models, and people who actually have a passion for fashion.
No pictures of the actual show but it looked FABulous.
I have a LOT of weekly looks so I'll just cut to the chase; onto the Weekly!
  • Shakira at the 2010 Bambi Awards: I'm so in love with this look; she looks like a golden goddess! I'm obsessed!!  One shoulder dresses are so in right now and the silhouette hugged her body in the RIGHT way. The golden tone and the texture of the dress was so gorgeous and I loved her beachy waves, it was so refreshing and so Shakira. I also enjoyed how she matched the metallics with a matte clutch. Purely incredible.
  • Olivia Palermo at the Glamour Awards: So I'm oddly obsessed with Olivia Palermo's style and this look is no different! The textures and fabric mixture is so awesome, chic, and trendy, I'm in love. I've seen a lot of the shear skirt looks and I think that Palermo does it the best.  The V-Neck is so tasteful  but definitely sexy. The sleek updo makes her look like a class act. And the accessories?! I LOVE GOLD. And that slim leopard belt, so unexpected but so awesome! And her style...but that's a given, right? 
  • Victoria Beckham at a Fashion Conference: This may sound cliche, but Victoria Beckham ceases to amaze me: she always looks so incredibly POSH. Especially in this three-quartered dress. First of all, I love sleeved dresses. Second of all, yellow is so awesome: so happy, mod, and fashion forward. And the sleek ponytail makes the whole look come together. And, when mixed with Chanel, what could be better?
  • Ginnifer Goodwin at MOCA Gala (Chanel): I see that BU alums have incredible style, true story. I love this Chanel, who doesn't love Chanel?! I'm obsessed with pearls and lace, I'm your traditional girly girl, so this dress looks absolutely DIVINE. The bodice is so intricate, which makes the rather plain lace skirt a perfect foil. And I also love how she had neutral make up on, it was so effortless and chic. This whole look, in fact, is just that.
  • Rachel McAdams at the Morning Glory New York Premiere (Lanvin):  Rachel McAdams is so gorgeous, and this premiere is no exception! I love when she wears soft colors; this Lanvin was PERFECT. Usually, I'm not a big fan of ruched dresses, but this one complimented her hourglass figure instead of hindering it. While I would choose a different pair of shoes, I still think she looks absolutely wonderful.
  • Kate Hudson at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Lanvin): I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would be Kate Hudson if I could be any modern Hollywood starlet. I love her free-spirit, her movies, and her style. This one shoulder- once again, another big trend- looks absolutely positively chic on her.  The side ruche, however, gives this dress a lot of spice. And I love the beige shimmer on her! She really looks like old time Hollywood glam. And the waves, mixed with the red lip, looks so retro and really incredible. I LOVE HER!
And that's it, folks!

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