Monday, 15 November 2010

Urban is My Weakness

Yes, there I said it: I have a problem with Urban Outfitters. Don't worry, there's no beefage, I'm just obsessed with the store. No surprise, everything is so chic/glam/hipster- how could you NOT like it! I went shopping a week ago, got some pretty stellar clothes. And just today, I ordered a quilt, shams, and a beret on sale.  I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH! The whole look in currently into is prints galore: stripes, florals, plaids, PRINTS EVERYWHERE!! And interesting zips and other clasps are all the rage, too! No wonder I got prints with AWESOME attachments!

Awesome plaid with a lovely zipper/button combination.

Hook and Eye and Florals? What could be better?
Mixing and matching these two prints created an outfit that I LOOOVE!
I love the endless buttons on this demin flowy skirt.


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