Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bah-nan-nahs For Baby

RACHEL ZOE IS PREGNANT! I personally find this extremely exciting because I'm obsessed with Rachel Zoe. Now...where's my invite to the baby shower? Anyways...I thought this would be an extremely appropriate time to pick out what Baby Zoe will wear!

Baby Zoe would totally shut it down in this white toggled jacket (wee people).
I think it'd be absolutely presh if the baby girl was a mini Rachel Zoe. I'm talking BABY VINTAGE. Perhaps Brian Atwood will start making some baby shoes. Obviously, Baby Rachel would need some fabulous baby fur!

BABY BRAD (obvi NOT Baby Rodger):
Baby Zoe would totally rock this sweater (crew cuts).
So I think that Baby Brad should be a little Preppy McGee: sweaters, oxfords, vests, ties, the whole SHBANG!

Well, without a doubt, that will be one fabulous baby!


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