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The Style Files: You're By My Side and It Helps to Be Crazy

One time, I went to this O.A.R concert with two of my friends, and it was absolutely awesome. Fast forward two-ish years later, and you'll find me EXTREMELY thrilled to get the new O.A.R CD for my birthday. I've been listening to it everywhere I go, so I highly recommend it. And by recommend it, I mean pushing it in your face and forcing you to listen. I love this song, "Taking on the World Today," because it makes me feel like I can do anything on the most stressful days (aka today aka I'm sorry is this blog isn't my personal best). So listen and enjoy.

Style-Spiration: Anne Hathaway
This summer, my friends and I have been on the world's biggest "let's-go-see-a-good-movie" phase. Ever since the beginning of the summer, I've really wanted to see One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and that guy from Across the Universe. So obviously, I stalked the premiere pictures. And obviously, Anne Hathaway had on a fab dress, just sit tight for the weekly! This got me to thinking about Anne's style. While I could just attribute this to the styling, aka Rachel Zoe, I really do think that there's something about Hathaway that makes haute couture look, dare I say it...oh I dare, effortless. So in honor of that effortless je ne sais quoi and the movie, One Day, this style-spiration is dedicated to her! 
At  the Valentine's Day premiere in Marchesa I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but hey I'm gonna blog about it again. This is STUNNING. Usually I would think the dramatic blue and black would be a tad boring; however, the details on the Marchesa dress literally makes it for me. Obsessed. Even still, there's something so relaxed about this look. Maybe it's Anne's awkward stance or maybe it's because I think that bracelet is a bit much, but I don't see Anne Hathaway as a style icon. Instead, I look at her and think, "she's just one of the girls." I suppose this is a weird style-spiration theme, but we're rolling with it. (Photo Cred)
Chillin' at the 2009 MET Ball in Marc Jacobs. I think the reason I admire this is because, in my humble opinion, it's so wrong. The hair scares me, the shoes are hideous, and that dress is not a typical MET Ball ensemble.Hathaway, however, hold her head up high and is proud of her ensemble. This may sound like the exact opposite of my opening argument- I frequently think of these style-spirations as an argumentative piece- but I'm getting somwhere. (Photo Cred)

At the 79th Annual Oscars in Valentino. I'm obsessed with this dress. While the lace and the oversized bow could come off as a little granny, the stacked bracelets makes this look youthful. And of course her hair and make are divine, which makes this a classy look; however, I can't get over those bracelets. They're a little chunky and funky, which makes this so appropriately refreshing for the Academy awards. (Photo Cred)

The reason Anne Hathaway is a admirable style-spiration because she humanizes fashion. I know whenever I open up a magazine or see awesome red carpet looks,  I feel like pressure is on; however, I rarely get that from Anne Hathaway. Sure she can be perfectly styled, but there's something about her that keeps it casual. And yes, sometimes she gets it wrong, but she keeps trying. This is getting weird...onto the weekly.

The Weekly
  • Emma Roberts at a Westward by Emily and Meritt for Kate Spade party (Kate Spade): I really like this look because it's rather quirky. Let me break it down for you: the dress is youthful but very classy, the shoes are a perfect wow factor to the dress, the jewels define feminine fun, and the hair and makeup is divine. But then there's that huge clutch. Hmmm. While I would question and hate this, I kind of like the odd bag because it gives this look character and personal style. Stylists and press people can perfectly style a look from head-to-toe, but it's not truly expressing yourself if you don't have something unique to you. Okay so take that well-worded description and apply that to all of Anne's looks from the previous section
  • Jessica Chastain at The Help premiere (Oscar de la Renta): Although this look is very been-there-done-that, I'm such a sucker for an eggplant and turquoise color combination. Even though the earrings are very eye-catching, I like how this look was styled so you focused on the fabulous De la Renta details. That ruching on the dress creates some fabulous movements. Also,  minimal jewels was the way to go with this look. She looks wonderful!
  • Anne Hathaway (surprise) at the One Day premiere (McQueen): Stunning. The hem on this beautiful McQueen dress is classy, flattering, and all around chic. I like there's a detail overload on the bodice, ultimately directing our attention to her face. And with that nice hair and quasi-theatrical makeup, it's a smart move. I don't think she needed the silver, I hate mixing metals, bracelets, but the shoes make this look more cohesive. Good job, Miss Hathaway.


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