Saturday, 27 August 2011


Yesterday was a (potentially) significant day for me. While I'll spare the details, because they are both lame and I've bored my friends enough,  I was really feeling a laid back and fabulous outfit. As a result, I came up with a really awesome styling DO. Ready for it?

STYLE DO: Crop Tops and Maxi Skirts.
my blog pictures
make me feel
like the Phantom.
Of the Opera.
I fell in love with maxi skirts this summer and recently got a crop top when shopping with one of my bosses, did I mention I have the best internship ever?  The juxtaposing proportions of this look are awesome and I think are quite sultry. Anyways, when I got home from my venture, mommy dearest really wanted to take some pictures because she loved the outfit. 

This look is so laid back that it doesn't require many accessories. Key word: many. I'm not planning to start a "jewel-free" campaign anytime soon, but this is what I'll say for accessorizing this trend: one awesome statement piece. Whether it's a intricate necklace, seen in my look, or a bright lip, stick to only one incredible piece. Too many and you'll look like an Olsen twin gone wrong ( I love the Olsens, hence the "gone wrong").

What makes me love this outfit is how I played with textures, not color. While this trend would look outstanding with some good 'ol color blocking, I really like to wear black. The ruffles on my skirt makes this an ant-minimalism piece. And you know me, I'm always looking to be "anti-minimalism." What I like most about this color scheme is that this look can easily be worn in the fall. Or Indian Summer. Whatever floats your boat.

While maxis can be jazzed up, I truly think that crop tops are a celebration of youth. I mean, do you see the carpool mothers wearing crop tops? If so, they should be kicked out of the carpool. If you're a young college student, like yours truly, I say embrace it!  Contrary to Irene Cara's belief, you're not gonna live forever. Also, it's the perfect way to say adios to summer!  I understand why people may not be comfortable with the crop top/ maxi skirt combination, but there are variations! Let's be creative, shall we?
1) Crop Top with high waisted jean shorts.
2) Crop Top with body con skirt.
3) Fitted Maxi Skirt with a loose top.
4) Loose Maxi Skirt with a fitted top

If you cant guess by now, wearing a crop top and maxi skirt, whether you're rocking these trends at the same time or not, is about....PROPORTIONS! The fittings for the top or bottom should contradict the other. Having two tight or two loose things will make you feel like Kelly from 90210.
Sexual? I love this crop because it doesn't force skin on unwilling onlookers.

On my posing stump, naturally.

Especially with this trend, I encourage you to mix and match, colors, prints, and textures.

On a more serious note, I hope that all of the East Coasters are taking proper precautions for Hurricane Irene: she's a little meanie, isn't she?


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  1. great always! and fab pictures!