Monday, 9 May 2011

What's It All About, Alfie?

So my lack of finals- combined with everyone else studying like Mad-Men, packing, and leaving- has led me to use and abuse my new Netflix account. Although I'll always be a BlockBuster kind of girl, I'm so happy that I have hundreds of movies and television episodes at my disposal. Anyways, I watched Alfie - the Jude Law remake- a few days ago and it left me with one thing.


In real life, I think she's a fashionista in her own special way. I'll never forget the Pucci she wore to last year's MET Ball. So haute couture hippie.  Even her street style has this glamorous, yet I-Don't-Really-Care-I'm-Just-Throwing-This-Together, vibe. Personally, clean cut is getting a little bit old. Fashion is totally about experimenting and creating your own personal style, not looking like everyone else. And I think Sienna Miller embodies her own style and what works for her, which I really admire. Of course I'm not saying that everyone should dress just like her, that'd be contradicting what I just said. While there are going to be those Plain Jane's who don't really care about fashion, it's kind of cool to see this chic look of indifference. 

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Of course her style is not perfect, but I really admire her overall look.

Anyways, back to Alfie! 
I haven't been able to find many full shots of her outfits but let me give you an overall idea:
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The clothes? London in the 60's. The hair and makeup? A toned down version of Brigitte Bardot. I just love the nonchalant use of fur.  All of the looks reflected Sienna Miller's personal style, which I loved. If anyone wanted to mimic this Sienna Miller/ Alfie look, I would check out the following brands:
  • Free People: A classic for bohemian.
  • Top Shop: They might have some funky jackets and accessories to create that "oh I just threw this together" look.
  • Emilio Pucci: The use of prints, ruffles, and lace in the brand is a more resort version of Miller's look, but still good!
  • Missoni: The knitwear? Absolutely classic!
  • Haute Hippie: Some of these separates would make extremely awesome looks.
  • The Row: They have some great staples, especially the leather pieces, that would be awesome with oodles of accessories.
  • Halston: Obviously.

Hopefully I'll watch some more movies and blog about more style-spirations. But in the mean time, keep it trendy! 


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