Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If That's Movin' Up Then I'm Moving Out

This is a little sentimental, my last blog post as a college freshman. As any year, there were some fashion highs and fashion lows. But after freshman year, everything seems so old and scary. Anywho, I recently bought some absolutely fabulous pairs of shoes. Why not feature them here?

In front of a moving box, appropriate?
When it comes to summer shoes, the most important part is comfort The summer is so hot and sticky, do you really want to fuss with your shoes on top of all the problems summer brings? Nope. Also, showing off and awesome pedi is also a most, so an open toe is appropriate! 

I loved the strong lines on this sandal. So Hercules chic! I can totally picture these being matched with a maxi skirt or a cute little sundress!

How adorable is the floraled fabric? These shoes and feminine and really comfortable. I think these would look awesome with a simple LBD.

I love the floral appliques on these little Calvin Kleins! For a relaxed look, I would wear these with dark skinny- either dark blue or black- and a fun summer top
I wore these last week and I seriously felt like a supermodel. The tan leather strap and the height of the wedge made me have legs for days! I think to continue to lengthen your legs, go for short shorts or a romper!

Now that I have my summer shoes already picked out, there's one more thing I'm craving for this season: high waisted bathing suit. I know that might sound kind of weird and make you wonder if I'm an old lady. Well, no I'm not.  I think there's something so undeniably vintage and chic about a high waisted bathing suit. J'adore.

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I love this MARC by Marc Jacobs creation. The height of the waist is actually perfect and I love the color and print; so retro. I, or anyone, could totally wear this with a large sun hat and movie star-worthy sunnies!

Well, that's all for now!
(I thought that "Stay Trendy" sendoff from yesterday was too cheesy...so seeyuh)

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