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The Weekly: Having Fun Kiddies?

So a few days ago, I finally watched Valley of the Dolls. It has always been quite popular in the fashion world and, after seeing it for myself, I can totally understand why. I'm so smitten with that movie. First of all, I'm obsessed with celebrity train wrecks; I'm currently watching Dirt and that's so addicting. But let's talk about the fashion in this movie. Literally, to die for. It is the epitome of mod-glam. Since this movie is so old, there's hardly any good pictures depicting the awesome fashion, so I'll just show you the trailer:

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I don't think anyone will understand my infatuation with this movie until you see it for yourself- instant play on Netflix- so I am very sorry for the lack of material. What I love most about this movie's costumes, as well as the time period in general, is the combination of simplicity and drama. There weren't many prints, the craftsmanship on all of these pieces were incredible. Some were adorned with sequins, fur, and lace, which I obviously love. Sometimes, I feel like the minimalist-istas were heavily inspired from the simplicity of the sixties, but took it way to far and made it boring.

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Actually, parts of Chanel's 2011 Resort reminds me of some of the looks in Valley of the Dolls. Even though I didn't love this collection, I did think that some pieces had a good mixture of simplicity and drama.

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The color really imitates the time period, while the draping on the sleeve gave this skirt suit some more pizazz! 

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Without the pant, the drama of the skirt mixed with the simplicity of the black and white is so Valley of the Dolls.

William Travilla (the costume designer) did an incredible job evolving each character's style throughout the movie. When we originally meet Neely O'Hara, her clothes were rather simple: leggings and a cardigan here or there. She wears a cherry red turtle neck with some layered necklaces when she sings for a radio station. As she gets more glamorous and more detrimental, she sports a luxe leopard jacket as well as a red scarf wrapped around her head.  At the pinnacle of  her demise, Neely was completely titled "hot-mess," with her lace bra and slit skirt.  Through his costumes, Travilla makes the demise of each woman more real. Please please rent this movie and appreciate the art!

And now, onto the weekly!

Emma Roberts at the Pirates of the Caribbean in LA (Stella McCartney and Dana Rebecca): Sometimes I forget that Emma Roberts was in the show, Unfabulous, or that she is Julia Robert's niece. Instead, Emma Roberts is shaping up to be her own starlet, with an incredible emerging style. I think she's making that transition into adulthood and I think she's handling it beautifully. Exhibit A? This look. The LBD with the statement necklace was fun, but definitely sophisticated and older. The white clutch made sense and added some much needed funk. Love it!
Blake Lively at the Chanel Resort Show (Chanel and Christian Louboutin): Although I'm not a big fan of her new hair hue, I am so smitten with this outfit. Wearing sequins in the day is something I think is risque but, when worn appropriately, is awesome. What makes this leggy look good was how she did not experiment with colors, just texture. Even her animal skin pumps are a neutral, which continue to elongate the leg. I'm also glad she didn't over-accessorize: the necklace and the brooch were just perfect. Ugh, she's always so good.
Rachel McAdams at the Midnight in Paris Premiere (Maxime Simeons): There's only one word I can use to accurately describe this look: pretty. It's just so feminine which, regardless of what's "trendy," I always love. I love how she kept the look light with the nude Ferragamo pumps; however, the rosettes as well as the bright pink lip gave this look the appropriate "pop." I do wish that she had a messy updo though. Regardless, she looks amazing.
Sarah Jessica Parker at a Ballet Gala (Valentino): Is it really weird that I like this a lot? I know that granny-style isn't the most flattering, but I think the form fitting Valentino is a great contrast to the granny lace attire. The slightly messy updo and cross- body bag also made this casual. I know most people hated it, and  I really tried to, but I just can't. I think that Sarah Jessica Parker has a really good eye and I think that she successfully mixes a bunch of outfits. I don't care what people say,  Sarah Jessica, bravo! 
Rachel McAdams at another Midnight in Paris Premiere (Marchesa):  This Marchesa is one of those situations that are incredible runway pieces; however, very hard to make a good red carpet look. But, through minimal jewels and soft waves, McAdams totally rocked this. The pointed gold heels also made this less ice skater princess and more old school glamour. The minimal makeup also made viewers think of this dress as art instead of a costume. I think that was the key to this look: old school glamour. I am, however, extremely interested on how this dress would look with a modern edge (sleek ponytail and a dramatic eye).

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