Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Weekly: Staring at My Sticks Because You Know I Got SO Many

One thing that I've missed about my beyond fabulous friends from home is their humour and constant craving for irony. Seriously, we love irony. So it seemed extremely appropriate, for us at least, for two of my friends and I to go to our local Lacrosse Unlimited to get lax bro pinnies.
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My personal favorite, and my former lax bro pinnie that unfortunately went missing during college.

I find Lacrosse enthusiasts, also known as Lax Bros, fascinating: they are most popular in the northeast and have a particular kind of style and... swag.  Their look is typically a messy version of preppy. They rock high socks (ew), pastel shorts, boating shoes, and...lax bro pinnies. A little something like this:
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Although I'm all for expressing yourself through outfits, I really don't understand why lax bros dress the way they do. In addition, why do they all dress the same way/ Honestly, I kind of think that lax brothers dowear this to bring attention to their sport. Think about it: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and all other sports get a lot of attention thanks to televised events. But lacrosse? Barely gets any attention. So by creating this wardrobe and "bro status," they just want to get some attention. So even the lax brothers understand that fashion is the key to showing who you are.

But, if I had it my way, lax bros would dress a little something like this:
  • A chic sports coat. This plaid one from J.Crew still embraces the bro's preppy side.
  • Some skinnies. I'm sure lax bros have good legs and all. What bothers me most about their look, besides the tacky socks, is the lack of proportion. Ironically, skinnies solve it all. The skinnies and the blazer would make an awesome combination.
  • Sperrys. Keep 'em bros, I don't mind.
  • And last but not least,  every lax bro needs a lax pinnie.
And if you didn't get enough of lax bro-mania...

Well that was fun, now onto the weekly! 
  • Zoe Saldana at Cannes (Vionnet): I always think of Zoe Saldana in bright hues all of the time. This look at Cannes, however, was darker and different. In short, I loved the change.  The updo and red lip reminded me of old school glamour, which I always love. The mix of prints, a la the striped belt and the floral maxi, made this look thought provoking. I do wish that she had some more jewels. But all in all, she encompassed the whole elegant look of Cannes.
  • Naomi Campbell at Cannes (Azzedine Ala├»a): Obsessed. This makes me forget about her trainwreck at the MET Ball a few weeks ago. She's perfection. The burgundy looks absolutely incredible against her beautiful skin and I love the ruffles on the skirt as well as the trimming by the neckline. This dress shows off her supermodel bod and the monochromatic jewels made this look both simple and fabulous.  She actually looks approachable here!
  • Kirsten Dunst in France (Chanel): Kirsten's looking beyond magnificent. I'm obsessed with this Chanel dress, even though I usually don't like the concept of an unfinished skirt. I think what makes this skirt better is that the print is larger, which ultimately masks the difference of density.The pinned updo and the bright lip makes this feel very lounging-along-the-French-Rivera. And the gold bag acts as a neutral against the lace look: it's not overwhelming, but it flows nicely. Absolutely ravishing.
  • Zoe Saldana (again) at Cannes (Armani Prive): To die for. Literally, this is perfection on the red carpet. Typically,  I'm not the biggest fan of red on the red carpet. However, the red and white stripes on the train of the dress split up the red and really made the whole dress pop. And the white heels also made this look very summery, but different at the same time. The natural hair and makeup gave this dress a fresh look and  the minimal jewels made the sole focus on the dress, which I loved. Brava! 

Well that's all for now. Expect many blog posts this summer!

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