Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Sun is On My Side and Takes Me For a Ride

So let's talk resort.

I've always had this pre-conceived notion of resort being extremely French-Rivera, Pucci- esque, and all-around summertime glam. And thus far, I like what I'm seeing. From Elie Tahari, we got a sophisticated version of the Sex and the City 2 wardrobe. And, quite obviously, I loved Rachel Zoe's collection even though most of the models looked just like her... And Oscar, I love that man: he always knows how to create the most beautiful pieces.  I know this blog post won't be too pragmatic but I figured, since I wanted to blog a lot this summer and am finally home from a night out at a reasonable hour, Resort 2012 is so blog-worthy. So here are a few looks that I thought were beautiful and inspiring. 
Oscar de la Renta is a genius. I'm obsessed with this blush pink and silver combination. The florals and the short sleeves are so tea party resort. And deep down, who doesn't want a tea party? In love. (Photo Cred)
How perfect would this mini be for a rooftop cocktail party in the Meat Packing District? So perfect, is the correct answer. I've always been in love with jewel tones and this is obviously no exception. The ruffles at the bottom and the fitted top is so feminine and beautious. Ja'dore! (Photo Cred)

If you don't understand my love for fabulous furs by now,  maybe my love for this look will act as a slight reminder. LOVE FUR. A major look for this summer season is pairing neutrals with neons. I haven't tried it myself (maybe tomorrow, if I have neons...I'll blog about it), but I think this can be the epitome of summer chic if done correctly. I'm in love with these booties and I also love this look since it's not what I typically think of as resort. Even still, this Tahari look is fab. (Photo Cred)

Rachel Zoe Resort 2012. Absolutely in love with this dress. The deep blue reminds me of a chic pool party and that sexy silt makes it so resort/summer appropriate. Get me some fun bangles and wedges and I'm feeling a fabulous look! (Photo Cred)
My beyond fabulous friend invited me to the Hamptons next weekend and I've obviously already started planning my look for the vacation. Essentially, this: flowy, white, and luxe. This Tahari look is literally the epitome of what I'm looking for. Bravo (Photo Cred)

I don't think, and probably will never think, that resort is the equivalent to casual. 
For starters, I hated MaxMara's collection. It looked way too much guessed it...boring minimalism. I thought this was resort, not typical Calvin Klein! While one could argue that these looks can act as "clean slates for fun summer accessories," I love interesting pieces.

Ew. (Photo Cred)

I think what really makes a resort collection a success is purely the silhouettes. Sure, prints are fun (remember Louis Vuitton's Resort 2011 Collection? I do. And it was awesome); however, the shape of the dress makes the difference between a "cute outfit" and a "knockout look."  The humidity of the summer usually makes me really frustrated when it comes to dressing up: I always feel gross and then I consequently lose the motivation to dress my chicest. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Wearing an incredible silhouette solves half of the problem!  I'll definitely be keeping tabs on the rest of resort, but for now, I really want to go shopping! 


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