Saturday, 28 May 2011

When Neutral Met Neon

As promised by my previous post,  I test-drove the neutral/neon combination yesterday.  I really loved this juxtaposition of colors; however, I think how the look is styled contributes to the overall successful of the look. Well, obviously. Doesn't any trend require good styling?

Yes, but the neutral/neon  focuses on one thing: location, location, location. 

For this trend, I decided to wear my orange Stuart Weitzman jelly flats and my new beige blazer, which I highly suggest investing in such a blazer: light for the summer but still chic!  I decided to then keep it casual underneath with a plain white shirt and jean shorts. How casual of me?  In my humble opinion, having the accessories neon, as opposed to the clothes, made me feel approachable. Neon is fun but, to be perfectly honest, I would have felt like an overbearing clown if I had worn that orange color from head-to-toe. Then again, it's barely summer and it would look weird with my currently pale complexion. I'll let you know how I feel about that in a month. 
I didn't realize until now that the gold pellets show my reflection. Apparently,   I have moved from no self-portraits to really unconventional and unflattering ones. Yay?

Anywho, back to the emphasis on location. When the neutrals and neons are placed together, as seen in the picture above, the contrast is strikingly chic. It complements each other and then the aha moment of an outfit is triggered. "She didn't just throw on those shoes for sport. This was a plan. She's trendy, she knows what she's talking about." Though I really liked my outfit, I felt having the tones at opposite ends of my body lessened that chic effect.  My friend, Emily, has a really awesome neon yellow-ish green necklace that would have been so awesome with my blazer. I wish I had stolen her necklace or she would steal my blazer.  This is turning into a very ranty blog post so if you're still reading this, thank you very much and I'm so sorry.  

So let me cut to the chase. Here are some things that will lead to instant neutral/neon success:
  •  Keep your neutrals close to your neons and vice versa: They don't clash, but they complement!
  • Stick to one neon color: Anymore will truly make you look and probably feel like an overbearing clown.
  • Unless the pieces you're using are rather danity accessories, stick to one neon statement piece: With this trend, it's quality versus quantity.
  • A dressed down look is cooler: While my love for all things fancy is  quite obvious, I feel like a laid back, "I'm from downtown," and all around effortless look is cooler when rocking this trend! But show me a fancy variation of this trend that works and I'll be all aboard. 

I hope you all take the time to rock this new trend but if you don't, really should! 

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