Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Weekly: You Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark

It's really bittersweet to think this my last weekly as a college freshman. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited for the summer: fabulous internship, fabulous friends, fabulous food- fabulous everything. But, at the same time, I'm going to miss freshman year: the good, the bad.  We're now in our study week for finals and I, only having one final on Thursday, am very bored. I've watched a plethora of movies, eagerly packed 60% of my necessities, and on Friday, went to the MFA with my lovely friend and future roommie. We saw some fabulous Chihuly, got lost in Asia, and came across an absolutely stunning fashion exhibit about Arnold Scaasi, American couturier. "I'm sensing a blog about this," Hannah told me. She knows me so well!

If you're in Beantown, I highly suggest you go!

Barbara Streisand wore these . Sick, right?

What I admire most about Arnold Scassi's work, besides his closeness to his cliente- is how detailed orientated all of his pieces of work are.  Looking at his uses of sequins, metal, rosettes, and mink is outstanding. It's a shame because I feel like we only see this kind of detail from a few design houses. Minimalism shminimalism, ladies and gents this is iconic glamour that will be iconic and glamourous forever and ever. The necklines, hemlines, and silhouettes are so timeless.

I love the draping on the front and the colors and so feminine and classic. 

Obsessed with these metallic appliques. I feel like this is something we'd see  a jacket or dress made out of today; however, this bad boy is a DRESS.
This one was Hannah's favorite, and  I can totally understand why. The halter top, baggy silhouette, and flower appliques are so youthful and truly hold true to the test of time. Natalie Wood originally wore this, but can't we see a young/ not-pregnant Natalie Portman rocking this dress to a premiere?
These rosettes intertwined with feathers and mink was to die for. Literally, j'adore. We'd typically see this on a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress, but this was a gala dress back in the day. Ugh, they're so good. 
This dress, "Little Egypt" is definitely the most detail orientated of the exhibit. The colors remind me of a trip to the beach, or the Atlantis Resort. Embedded in the lace are metal, coral, sequins, etc. The neckline of this dress makes it so retro; however, the mullet hem makes it up-to-date with today's trends.

Obsessed with the glass,plastic, silk braid in this 1962 resort jacket. Even though we love bright whites as a trend for this season, Something about this beige and dusty rose, seen behind the jacket, gives such a feminine vibe and reminds me of the older Miss Dior Cherie advertisements.

My favorite. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to rock an awesome red coat? Scaasi designed this one  for Arlene Francis's role in the Broadway play, Once More, with Feeling.  The silver and red combination are absolutely striking. Personally, the simplicity of the silver dress is the perfect contrast to the drama of the red jacket. This reminds me of something a vintage Barbe doll would have.
This is my favorite piece from the Chihuly exhibit, by far. In reality, this piece was HUGE and all of the detail was so impressive and inspirational. I just wanted to share it.

And now, ladies and gents, onto the weekly!
In short, nothing wowed me this week. These celebs need to work harder.
  • Mila Kunis at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (Versace): Even when she look so sleek and refined, Mila Kunis is still the coolest girl at the party. The hair and makeup is perfect: dramatic enough without her looking like she's in Black Swan. But she was...awkward. Anyways,  the gold button and high silt made this dress exciting and youthful. Also, the architectural bodice is super awesome.  I'm really glad she didn't overdo it on the accessories: the gold cuff is just enough to show some glamour but keep it cool. Bravo! 
  • Kate Hudson at the Something Borrowed Premiere (Versace): Well, this weekly was dedicated to Versace, apparently.  Kate Hudson looks radiant, a major difference from the mess at the Met Ball on Monday. While I give her props for trying to show off her baby belly, I think this chiffon draping is much more flattering for this pregnancy. The hair and makeup is so natural and the asymmetrical strap gives this dress some spice, even if it does look a little bit like Prom. The canary colored clutch is such an interesting companion to to this lemon dress. I do wish she added a nice bracelet or some big earrings. But all in all, I'm regaining my faith in Kate.

On a final note, I want to wish the coolest, funniest, nicest, chicest Mommy I know (mine) a Happy Mothers Day. She's the best and she's always been my number one fan. Thanks Mom,  I love you!


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