Monday, 2 May 2011

Creme de la Creme

In my opinion, this is the biggest and chicest holiday in the fashion world! I love watching the ingenuity and innovation that struts down the red carpet. In my mind, the crazy- well, within reason- is chic: Andre Leon Talley's get-ups here make me laugh rather than cringe.  And I'm super stoked to see the "Savage Beauty" exhibit when I head back to New York next week. I hope that one day, I will either be styling a celebrity for the Met Ball or be at it myself. But for now, I'll sit in my dorm room and examine all of the chic looks. There are barely any looks I don't love at the red carpet gala.  Usually, my worst dressed picks are just things I don't think are creative enough for the MET BALL!So here are the best and worst looks! 


  • NAOMI CAMPBELL (ALEXANDER McQUEEN): Ugh, I hate this so much. I understand Campbell and McQueen were friends, so why don't you honor him by wearing one of his more awesome looks? The accessories were good, but I just really don't love the dress. As much as creativity is key for this event, this dress almost looks destroyed. Just not a fan. 
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  • GWYNETH  PALTROW (STELLA McCARTNEY): As much as I love the sparkles that are embedded in this McCartney dress, minimalism is so not the way to go for the Met Ball. Although she looks gorgeous, it's just not event-appropriate.
  • JENNY FROM THE BLOCK GUCCI): This dress definitely had potential for the Met Ball, but it could've been styled better. I understand how her stylist tried to create a juxtaposition between the details on her shoulders and the sleekness of her hair, but she looks basically bald. I think this look would've been better if she did her hair differently. Besides, the neckline simply had way too much going on,  and not enough going on in the skirt of the dress. All in all, it just wasn't balanced. And I wish Jenny from the Block added some more color besides fuchsia: yes it's a beautiful color but it's way too much for this avant garde dress, clutch, and lip color.
  • KATE HUDSON (STELLA McCARTNEY): Biggest upset of the night. I'm equally obsessed with Kate Hudson (celebrity) and Rachel Zoe (her stylist), so I always think of them as a "power team." Unfortunately, tonight was not the case. I know it must be hard to style a pregnant woman for the Met Ball, but this is just a train-wreck. She looks like an absolute mess!  The silk is not flattering on her pregnant figure and makes her look bigger if anything else. Though the jewel in her hair is interesting, I think the glamour of this McCartney and the wavy hair does not create a striking contrast; it just looks poorly- styled.  I'm so disappointed.
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  • MICHELLE WILLIAMS (MIU MIU): Ugh why is she always so miserably looking and wears uber casual things. This is the Met Ball. I'm not saying everyone has to incorporate LED  lights into their look, but do something to excite us fashion slaves. COME ON.
  • LEA MICHELE (ESCADA): Same goes to you. Seriously, she always knocks it out of the park at red carpet events. She  looks fabulous; however, wore something a million times chicer and more innovative at the Golden Globes this year.
Moving on... now, THE BEST.
  • BLAKE LIVELY (CHANEL): If this was any other event, I would seriously hate this. But it's the Met Ball!  Her soft hair, the draping of the dress, and the brocade on the side create a super chic and super modern Grecian look. I think this mix of neutrality and sparkles is a fun juxtaposition of fabrics. As always, Blake knows how to dress for every occasion. 
  • BEYONCE (PUCCI): Even though McQueen didn't design this look, Beyonce look so appropriate for this event. The sex appeal of this dress and Byzantine inspiration was so innovative and super McQueen. She looked amazing and I'm glad that she kept the hair, makeup, and jewels to a minimum: this is one of the very few events were the focus is on the fashion instead of the celebrities.  She looked flawless.
  • GISELE BUNDCHEN (McQUEEN): Absolutely stunning. The craftmanship  on this dress is so regal. I love how this gown is rather understated but the drama of the train makes it Met Ball worthy.  The diamond bracelet and earrings make her look like a fashion "It-Girl." And look, she even paired it with a McQueen clutch!
  • DAPHNE GUINNESS (MCQUEEN): The epitome of Met Ball fabulousity. This is so avant garde, so McQueen, and so fashion forward- I'm obsessed.  Of course, if this was on Helena Bonham Carter, at a major red carpet event, we'd think this was bizarre.  But that's what people need to realize about this gala. This is what the Met Ball is all about: wearing art, not just dresses.And that's what i think The grey pumps make this look absolutely classic. I'm such a fan.
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  • ASHLEY GREENE (DONNA KARAN): Flawless, this whole look is so old school glamour. It's styled perfectly and, although it's not the most creative dress, I can't help but loving it.
  • DIANE KRUGER (JASON WU): Yippee! I knew Kruger would pull through for this event! She looks incredible in Jason Wu, and I'm so jealous she got to go with him to the ball- she's just like Cinderella! It's so sexy, but retro at the same time. The silt in the black skirt as well as the quasi-transparent bodice of the dress is super sultry; however, the bright red lip and retro curls make a creative mix and adds innovation! I'm also glad she didn't chose a chunky heel or something artistic for footwear, it would've made the outfit way too unbalanced.  She's such a style icon and I'm so smitten.
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  • MIA WASIKOWSKA (SOMEONE-PLEASE-LET-ME-KNOW-WHO-DESIGNED-THIS): I think Audrey Hepburn was looking down on this event thinking, "Damn, I wish I could wear that." This dress is the epitome of a modern day Audrey Hepburn look: the hemline, the classically innovative silhouette, the  fun spin on a LBD. Though I think a red lip, and maybe on diamond bracelet would've completed this look, I love how she keeps the look simple so everyone will see how awesome this dress is. 
  • FERGIE (MARCHESA): I love how Fergie went for this ethereal glamour. It's so unexpected for Fergie; however, she looks absolutely stunning in this Marchesa. I'm obsessed with this mix of tulle and vines makes this look attainable and not so scattered. And I loved the golden makeup and the hippie headband: the perfect touch! 
  • EMMA STONE (LANVIN): Honestly, who wears florals to the Met Ball? Emma Stone does and she looked absolutely ravishing! Though these large florals can look a bit matronly, Stone dressed it up with a bright pink lip, eclectic dangle earrings,  and a messy updo. She looks like an old school Hollywood starlet with a modern streak. 
  • EVA MENDES (STELLA McCARTNEY): I'm obsessed with this look: she's really rocking the emerging 70's inspired trend. I love this bright blue against her tan skin, she looks super fresh!  The asymmetrical shoulders as well as the fun sleeves. And the gold accessories make this look to-die-for-glam.  Stunning! 
  • PENELOPE CRUZ (OSCAR DE LA RENTA): While I wish she completed this look with a metallic clutch, Cruz always looks insanely fabulous. Her in this Oscar de la Renta number is so exciting! Even though it's black, the camera truly picks up all of the fabulous details in this dress.  The soft waves and delicate jewels work extremely well with this feminine silhouette. Oh , and I'm in love with the train! 
  • DIANNA AGRON (MICHAEL KORS): Although this might be deemed "too normal for the Met Ball," I really do love how Dianna took a fashion risk of her own. Usually, we see her in beautiful Carolina Herrera gowns while rocking an uber feminine look; however, she looks so sleek and modern here. The haltered top is casual but, paired with a sleek pony and a gold cuff, looks fierce. Usually, I hate red on red carpets, but the cut is simple enough and Agron didn't overplay her red-hot look. Many tend to match a red dress with red lips but, while that makes sense, I think it's way too much red!  Dianna kept it smart while rocking light makeup. Bravo! 

THAT WAS SO MANY LOOKS! Seriously, my "Best Dressed" list was much longer, but I had to cut it off somewhere. But that was great fun! 


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