Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I love the Emmys because, well, I love TV. But unfortunately I couldn't watch it. Apparently, Kim Kardashian sang and Modern Family (and my favorite Modern Family actor) won BIIIIIG TIME. And go Jane Lynch, she completely deserved that Emmy. But of course, I'm into the fashion aspect of award shows. E!'s Fashion Police is on tonight and I can't wait to watch that when I get home. In short, I thought the Emmys had a great array of great, bad, and boring. I mean...nobody really wants the boring or bad but the good was pretty damn great.  I was just much more excited for the Oscars and Globes! But for now, here's my BEST and WORST dressed list.


  • Tina Fey (Oscar de la Renta): I admire Tina's attempt to think outside of the box, which has been lacking in her so much before,  but I didn't like this. No offense to Mr. de la Renta, but I'm not a fan of this tribal pattern, especially on her. It's a little to red velvet for someone who dresses vanilla.  She looks gorgeous, but definitely not my favorite. 
  • Christina Hendricks (Zac Posen): TOO MUCH FEATHERS. I love my share of feathers put these just made her look foolish. It was definitely form fitting, but it was too costume-ish. It'd be so much better if the feathers weren't by her armpits. I'm really hating this. 
  • Toni Collette (Valentino): A forest-ish bottom is never good on a formal dress. I hated the tie on her waist and I hated that tie-dye shit on the bottom of the skirt. It wasn't chic, it was just odd.
  • Nancy Juvonen (MaxMara): This dress, if anything, was probably less flattering on her that a more fitted design. And the color was too much of summer. Among all of the things that mark a new fashion season, the Emmys is one of these prominent events. We need to say goodbye to corals and explore the wonderful world of jewel tones. 
  • Emily Deschanel (MaxAzria Atelier): I love beautiful purple jewel tone and I love a decent amount of  frills, but this was all just waaay too much for me to handle! I like the tiering on the bodice, but after the bodice ends, there should be something new. Otherwise, she looks like granny's curtains or really hippy (and NOT in the good way).  Also, her accessories weren't that phenomenal with the dress. She's a beautiful woman, but I wish she picked a better dress.
  • Jenna Fischer (Valentino): If it weren't for the CORAL color, I would have put this in my "blah category": it's quite blah and I think a sexy silhouette would be so much better on her, perhaps even some one shouldered action!  BUT THE STUPID COLOR. What about a nice sapphire or emerald green? Or ruby?! That's close to ugly coral! Some people...
  • Padma Lakshmi (Carolina Herrera): HATED. The dress itself, sorry Ms. Herrera, would only be mediocre, but that stupid necklace made her look so disheveled.  It didn't even match with the dress, that's so random. THIS IS THE EMMYS, NOT A KE$HA CONCERT. Ugly. Ugly. UUUUUUGHHHLY. 
  • Kristen Wig (in no-name): Oh my god. What the hell is this. The feathers on the top. The awkward array of polka dots. This isn't funny. WHAT'S UP WITH THIS FEATHERS TREND?! HATE IT!  This just isn't classy. Maybe this would fly at the Grammys but definitely NOT the Emmys.
  • Archie Panjabi: Things I hate: brown dresses, awkward draping, and off the shoulder sleeves. Separate? Bearable and sometimes chic. Together? Ew. I don't know who Panjabi is but she has a cute figure, so I think a fitted dress would be lovely on her. maybe in a jewel tone (I love jewel tones). 
  • Amy Poehler (Max Azria): Plain Jane McGee. Seriously, can't she put on some jewels or maybe a dress where the chest was flattering/fit her properly. SHEESH
  • Sarah Hyland (Pamella Roland): I hate this cheesy fabric: sweet sixteen gone wrong. It was a little too hucchi, I personally think a mini with a sweet-heart neckline would've been so much better. But she's learning so we can hope for better next year! 
  • Claire Danes (Armani Prive): I love sparkle and this silhouette. She looks awesome. It definitely reminds me of this Prive dress Anne Hathaway wore, but I guess that's Armani for you. She wore accessories, but for some reason that looked. She looked so clean and refreshing. 
  • January Jones (Versace): Some people may not like this Versace but I love it: the color is so electric, even though I had a problem with coral because it was so summer-ish. The scalloped detail was so incredible all over, and it was quite flattering. I LOVE IT.
  • Anna Paquin (Alexander McQueen):STUNNING. The gold on the bodice was so McQueen's last  collection. I love the longer train in the back. So innovative. So now. And who doesn't love a good black and gold?! 
  • Elizabeth Moss (Donna Karan): I'm not a fan of the off-white color but this dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the draping as well as the detail on the asymmetrical shoulder. The train is gorgeous! I kind of wished she had more vibrant jewels, but she still looks divine! 
  • Kelly Osbourne (Tony Ward): Say what you will about her, but nobody can deny how awesome she looks here. The black was so slimming and the neckline looked amazing on her!! The skirt also has an interesting design,which I'm really loving as well! 
  • Rose Byrne (Gucci): This gown is so innovative, structurally. I love the metallic gold accents and the cut in the bodice. It's so future Grecian goddess. The simple accessories also worked pretty well with this dress.
  • Lea Michele (Oscar de la Renta): She looked like such a superstar!! It was so flattering and the navy and black combination was so unique. The best part about this outfit is how well she balanced it: she mixed a heavy and detailed skirt with a spectacular necklace. With this combo, she looked fully clothes but the amazing dress didn't look too overwhelming.
  • Heidi Klum (Marchesa): She would. Seriously, if anyone can wear a mini to the Emmy Awards, it's Heidi...OBVI. I'm glad she didn't go for a tight fitting plain mini: it had volume and was vivacious. And, in true Klum fashion, is mixed with offbeat jewels that work seemingly well with her outfit. Project Runway: Complete.
  • Eva Parker Longoria (Robert Rodriguez): To the un-trained eye- not like I'm trained but I like detail- this dress would be a simple black gown. Which would be boring. But would Eva ever do that? Nah. THE DETAIL IS INCREDIBLE. The structured bodice is so fitting and the rosette-ed skirt is to DIE FOR. The pink earrings also lightened up this darker look and made it feminine and fun! 
  • Dianna Argon (Carolina Herrera): If someone were to say this dress was not gorgeous, they'd be lying: it's such a work of art and Dianna Argon is the perfect person to wear it. Like her, this dress is so soft and delicate looking. It is so flattering, especially with the black bowed belt. She accessorized with demure jewels, which I thought was completely right on.
  • Jayma Mays (Burberry): The navy  dress with gold jewels looked stunning with her red hair. I'm really glad she wore something a little bit adventurous, like a fitted dress with a tulle bottom (no sarcasm, the tulle made it look interesting). I'm also glad she did a wavy and down hair-do to make it more casual and fun.

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