Monday, 16 August 2010

Run Toward The Fire

When I was getting dressed today, I opened up my secret compartment of one of my dresses which is my bedroom's holy grail for fashion: my statement necklaces. I've probably mentioned it before but statement jewelry is my all time FAVORITE kind of accessory: they are so beautiful and honestly do make the perfect outfit. I just thought all of the precious stones, metals, and chains combined was absolutely ravishing. Sooo...I took some pictures of it.

My favorite necklace at the moment has to be this pearl long necklace with a gold cross (center). I got it at Selfridges when visiting my sister in London this past spring. She pulled it out of the bunch, thinking I'd like it. She was so right. Although I like to expand my necklace variety, I'm a pearls kind of girl- especially when there's a unique and trendy aspect to said pearls.

I LOVE the jewelry at Anthropologie: they are feminine and effortless, like if Zooey Deschannel's character in 500 Days of Summer wore statement necklaces. I can easily put an Antrho necklace on in addition to something totally plain, and it creates a good outfit.
My attempt to be artsy.

Statement Necklaces that I'm crushing on:
  • Beaded Swag Bib Necklace: I think this is the perfect blend of simplicity and a jazzed-up necklace. It can also look so retro, especially in yellow. I like how it's also a bib, so it leaves plenty of room for an amazing outfit!
  • Flat Spikes On Chain: The quintessential edgy necklace. It's not really like anything I have but I find it quite intriguing. This would look so cool with a plain white tank, slate colored jacket, and dark jeans.
  • The Owl Necklace: I am SO smitting with this necklace. I LOVE IT. In white. Too bad it's not being sold anymore. REGARDLESS! I think this necklace shows how statement necklaces don't always have to be short. The owl is so cool and retro and wonderful. Ughhhh
  • Kara Ross Double Knot Snake Chain: This is exactly what I want for the fall: the snakeskin is so elegant, yet, on trend. It reminds me a lot of this dress Kate Hudson wore to the Skeleton Key premiere YEARS ago.
  • Haute Hippie Faux Peral & Crystal Necklace: This is PERFECT. I love how evolutionary the pearls are here. So perfect. I'm loving it.  I would love my heavily anticipated "new style" to be something like this.

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