Tuesday, 10 August 2010

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So I haven't blogged for legitimately a week but a lot has been going on which I'd like to reflect on, fashion-wise OBVI. Okay okay so last week went by quickly, not too much there to report. But on SATURDAY, I saw the very talented John Mayer in concert . ELEVENTH ROW. Great concert. He had this whole bandana situation (look to yo' left) which I was, surprisingly, loving.  He just looked so cool, so Springsteen. I loved it. I feel if a guy isn't going uber pretty or  trendy, my two personal favorites, this laid back look is rather cool.  But the rest of his outfit I didn't really love: it was too much baggy. I think a fitted top would be muuuch better. And the next day it was my birthday.  

.........I got........

Marc By Marc Jacobs “Totally Turnlock Bell Calfskin Crossbody Bag”

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

As well as other odds, ends, and a highly anticipated $HOPPING SPREE. So I'm very VERY excited about my recent gifts. And then I went shopping today, where I also got some FABULOUS PURCHASES: a skirt (but in pink), vest, and earrings (which can't be found at the moment)!

This is getting to be a rather selfish post so ENOUGH ABOUT ME AND ONTO MORE IMPORTANT THINGS.

The Teen Choice Awards were on yesterday, equipped with some looks I loved and some that I hated. So here's a nice version of my own fashion police.


  • Lea Michele in Naeem Khan:  Everyone raves about this dress but I'm not a fan. The shoes were a little ugly...A LOT ugly. And I just didn't like the dress: the design was odd, it make her look lanky, and it was too simple. She's had a lot of fashion hits but this one wasn't amazing.
  • Kristen Bell in Stella McCartney: I was a  fan of the silhouette, but I didn't like the coloring or the shear covering. It looked a little too juvenile for me. It kind of looks like she covered up a wonderful dress.
  • Emma Roberts in Brian Reyes: Major disappointment. It was too drastic with her newly black hair. HATED the booties, the color, the stitching, EVERYTHING. I'm upset because she did SO well last year , so glam and gorgeous. You messed up major, Roberts.
  • Sarah Hyland in dress whose designer is unnamed: Too boring. She's so beautiful, she should spice it up a little but more. Buuut if it's any consolation, wonderful color on her! 
  • Ashley Greene in Valentino: You know, everyone's obsessed with this dress. And usually, I think Ashley Green looks gorgeous. But I wasn't a fan of this one. I love Valentino too, who doesn't. The design on the fabric was gorgeous but I felt the dress was rather shapeless, ill-accessorized, and didn't fit her perfectly. Buut that's just me! 
  • Victoria Justice in Mason: LOVED. Who is this girl?! She's GORGEOUS and I love love LOVE the blue! And the leopard accents? GENIUS.  This was flattering, chic, and age appropriate. She is VICTORIOUS.
  • Megan Fox in Isabel Marant:  For some reason, I just love this. I am never a Megan Fox fan: I don't understand what the big deal is. But THIS ONE: SOO GOOD! I loved the unusual matching, and the coloring was so summer. Paired with the heels, flawless. LOVED IT. 
  • Keke Palmer in I-have-no-idea: One thing to know about me is how much I LOVE sparkle!! I loved the one asymmetrical shoulder, it took sparkle to a whole new edge. It didn't over-do the sparkle and the color looked amazing on her. Age appropriate and flattering, Keke's doing it right!!
  • Nina Dobrev in Alex Perry: Once again, the sparkle was AMAZNG.  The corset bodice was so sexy and the sparkled skirt was so right on: I loved how it had a special wave design to it; something NEW in the world of sparkle! It was just so awesome!! 
Well I'm losing steam and NEED to watch episode TWO of The Rachel Zoe Project!


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