Thursday, 5 August 2010


So the real question is,  what did I think of The Rachel Zoe's Project's season three premiere? I LOVED IT. Although Zoe can be a little bit eccentric, she never ceases to give me entertainment for an hour and inspiration that kick starts my crave to be a full fledged fashionista. Fashion-wise, I thought it was BAH-NAN-AS. I loved everything she wore: the red and black Chanel jacket with gold accessories to the max, all of those Chanel jackets she tried on (which were all spectacular), the navy bolero-ish jacket. AND THE DEMI COVER SHOOT. Turned out so well. If you look at some of the pictures, you have to agree that the outfit decisions just make sense in that not obvious way. My personal favorite is the one with the Russian dolls: the movement of the picture is just so interesting and that Jason Wu dress is so fun! My only complaint about the premiere, however, is all of the Taylor drama. I've disliked Taylor from the start of me watching TRZP. I can understand her frustration to have a better spot on the Zoe Team, but she wasn't grateful. There are plenty of people, me included, who would legitimately DIE to work with Zoe and be surrounded by amazing pieces. Good that she's gone! I feel bad for Rachel buuut she could do better. So yeah...I'm really excited for next week and this whole season!


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