Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wink, Wink

So I literally JUST came home from my shopping extravaganza with my girl, Emily. Our plan was to shop 'till we drop, as our childish expression went at various Vintage Stores and street fairs in downtown New York. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much as we'd like -nothing will EVER beat our expedition to London- but we did definitely DROP: my feet are killing me and a cold sleep mask is currently on my forehead. It was hot and sweaty and SO MUCH CHINATOWN. There was this awesome vintage store that sold wonderful designer  items from decades ago: think Ungaro, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, the work. The only problem was that, even 50% off, I was wary on purchasing such a single expensive item. So here's what I bought, which is really lame but everything okay, okay? I got some trivial items from Sephora, and an absolutely incredible necklace from this brand, Wink & Flip, which I found at the Hester Street Fair.  First of all, I love love LOVE the name: there's such a definite feminine and flirty quality about it, which- being completely girly, I love. Anyways, so my necklace. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I think the transparent stones will be easy to match and able to give that special zing to an outfit. Although I loved the rest of Wink& Flip's necklaces, I picked this one for its juxtapositional pragmatism and individuality. See, when I go to street fairs or vintage stores, I like looking for something that I whole-heartedly feel is irreplaceable and so unique. I can buy unoriginal things every day, right? Right. For that reason, I try to stay away from buying clothes. I love clothes more than the next girl, but accessories truly make the outfit. You notice a necklace before you notice the shirt underneath: unless it's a real crazy shirt. And statement necklaces are my favorite kind of accessory!  Plus, I feel really cool when the following situation happens: "I love your necklace, where did you get it?" "A (insert alien location which makes said item extremely hard for the everyday person to obtain)" "Oh". I think this concept could be very conventional except for the chain: it has a kind of yarn/metal thing going on, which I think makes it stand out. I was researching this company and I love them! They make amazing necklaces- as seen- cute headbands, and they are quite compromising: apparently they can help you perfectly match a headband to a dress. I love that professional flexibility, just love it!  So my birthday is officially in eight days, and I still need to make a wish list. I'm definitely looking at Wink& Flip as a reference!


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