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The Weekly: Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men

Menswear couldn't have come at a more perfect time. For a few days now, my mother and I have been singing the Two and a Half Men theme song all around our house; once that song gets in your head, it'll never come out. Ever.

Sorry, I had to.

Anyways, back to menswear. As a girl who's single and minglin', and obsessed with all things  fashionable, a guy's outfit is one of the first things I look at when checking out a prospect. Shallow? Maybe. But I honestly do think the way a person dresses, especially a guy, tells a lot about what kind of guy they are. 
I mean, who would you rather date based on the clothes?
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I rest my case.
So in order to accurately analyze the latest menswear collections, and bask in my own singlehood glory, I'm bringing back Would You Date That? HOORAY!

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Rating: 3
Well, I was definitely a fan of the male models; however,  this collection kind of freaked me out. I'm not a really big fan of product placement on clothes, so this really did bother me.  While there were some looks that embraced both masculinity and chicness, Mabille's collection was too... feminine for me. Honestly, would you date someone who wears chained shoulder bags? That's our job, ladies! And the unitards? Way too much man for street wear! Okay, now I feel like I'm really bashing this collection so let's be positive, shall we? The color scheme of this collection was very suave and could be very Chuck Bass at times, which I loved. And I did love the little hints of leopard! All in all, not that dateable. 
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Rating: 10

To quote my man, Justin Timberlake, this collection is essentially "flawless like some uncut pie."   In my mind, this reminded me of a chicer version of Bruce Springsteen's wardrobe back in the day. The reason this collection is such a win is because it perfectly combines fashion forwardness and masculinity together. The pastels and the use of jean vests (a must-have in my humble opinion) make are rugged and trendy. This collection screams, "Yes, I do care about my personal style but I'm going to pretend like it's no big deal." I mean, I know I'd hate if a guy I was dating cared more about fashion than me. At the same time, who wants a slob?  The juxtaposition of the hiker boots, which I don't love but I'll deal, and the long scarves make this look seem completely effortless.  And that's very sexy!  

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Rating: 5
I truly have mixed emotions about this collection. On one hand,  really enjoy the nice jackets, vibrant colors, and the sophisticated styling. On the other hand, I hate baggy pants and the matchy-matchy. It reminds me of a playsuit andWHAT KIND OF BOY WEARS PLAYSUITS?! I admit, I do love a good playsuit...for girls. Not for boys!  I just feel like the baggy-ness and partial androgynous aspects of this collection makes it seem like boys must wear girlie clothes to be chic, which is so false. But at the same time, the color scheme and prints don't shout "girl." Is it just me being overly sensitive, or is something funky happening in this collection?  Maybe this was a "look-by-look" situation, but I'm still very torn.

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Rating: 8
I liked this collection for two reasons. First of all, this is was so clean and "All American." I know everyone pretends that they like bad boys, but don't we all love a little cutie deep down? Second of all, I felt like I was watching little Ken dolls strut down a runway. It was like dress up!  What makes this collection successful is balance. Yes, there were some very...fashionable pieces which I questioned, to say the least; however, the classic pieces  gave this collection some normalcy. It's one of those collections that any man could find something he liked, which I find  imperative. I thought the hemlines were kind of weird on some of the suits and some of the jackets are unrealistically fitted, but it was fabulous. Also, I really want this jacket for myself! 

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Rating: 0
I'm so disturbed by this collection, so I'm going to make this short, not-so-sweet, and to the point:
Nobody, I tell you NOBODY, wants their guy to look like a girl. Dresses are for ladies. This is painful to look at. Please change the way you view boys; I'm sure they aren't thrilled with you either.
PS:  You and Yohji Yamamoto both need to work on your feminine situation. Maybe a nice coffee or luncheon to settle things? 

Well that was oodles of fun but now it's time for a short, but sweet, weekly.
So...onto The Weekly!
  • Emmy Rossum at a press event for Shameless (Lyn Devon): Even though Emmy Rossum essentially fell off the face of the earth, this look is so classic on her. I love the white Dolce and Gabbana peep-toes with this fun print: the white in the shoes really picks up the white in this dress. It was so smart of her/her stylist to accessorize with hoops: normally, someone would want to channel their inner-Jackie O and wear pearls or some really feminine jewels. The hoops, however, spice it up and make this look relevant. As much as I love stacking up bracelets and necklaces, I feel like copious amounts of jewels would make this look lost in translation.  The blowed out hair and pinkish glow also looked stunning. Now only if she smiled...
  • Sofia Vegara at some Harry Winston shindig (Marchesa): Absolutely stunning. I truly believe Sofia Vegara is every man's dream and every woman's worst nightmare: she's so beautiful and who doesn't wish they were on Modern Family? Anyways, back to this look. By nature, she's a curvy woman and I love how she literally shakes what her mama gave her. The corset bodice is incredibly flattering and, if anything, makes her look narrower. I think a lot of women are afraid of embracing their curves and, though not everyone is built like her, Sofia Vegara shows everyone that they should flaunt their figures. ANYWAYS, the white looks absolutely stunning on her tan skin. The light shoes actually works with this look since she is so tan. Since they're not white, the focus is still on the dress. Though I wish she didn't accessorize with a watch (what?), I loved the way her dangling earrings looked with her sleek hair.  Incredible, as always!


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