Friday, 21 January 2011

Menswear Fall 2011: Would You Date That?

I've decided to add some fun to this blog with a new segment I call
"would you date that".
Here's how this section will work: I am going to review a plethora of looks from Menswear Fall 2011 and, to add the girly and creative touch, I'm doing to discuss the date-ability rating.
0= No Way

So let's do this thing!

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Rating: 9
How can you go wrong with sleek? Viktor&Rolf's collection was so classy and sleek. I love how everything was so simple, yet there were pops of great color and different fabrics. Anyways, back to this specific look. So James Bond meets Michael Buble. In my opinion, there's absolutely nothing sexier than a black and white suit. Everyone can pull it off and look suave.
Jean Paul Gaultier
Rating: 3
This collection overall was really quirky. But in terms of this look, I love how All-American and equestrian the sweater is, but real men do not wear skirts. That's just common sense. 
Louis Vuitton
Rating: 4
Although I may secretly wish my own boyfriend embraced fur, this is definitely NOT a datable look. The pants and white suit jacket are relaxed enough to work for a bohemian kind of girl, the fur will get a guy nowhere, especially light fur like this. Dark fur is definitely more chic and luxe. If you took hints of dark fur and added it to a jacket, it's 10 material.
Burberry Prorsum
Rating: 10
This is absolutely perfection. I love the shearling jacket, the pants are fitted like a boy's pants SHOULD be fitted. The color scheme is so manly but the actual outfit is the perfect amount of chic. Bravo, Burberry Prorsum, bravo!
Rating: 7
This look may not be as agreeable as Viktor&Rolf, but I think it's really hip and trendy. And  isn't everyone secretly attracted to hipsters? The plaid is so cool, and I love the multiple layers. This look definitely screams trendy without being too much...but maybe clashing might be a big issue. Seven because it's trendy, but not universally chic.

So in conclusion, I wonder if there is such a thing as a perfectly fashion forward man for all of us aspiring fashionistas.

I guess we'll have to find out!

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  1. jean paul gaultier...o my! the hair and skirt are a bit much! you are being kind with a 3!