Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Style Files: So Let's Set the World on Fire, We Can Burn Brighter Than the Sun

Tuesdays are my favorite weekdays for one reason and one reason only: the new songs on iTunes. I love browsing  iTunes' homepage every Tuesday, in hopes that I'll find some amazing music. This past Tuesday, one of my favorite bands (FUN.) came out with a new single. I was so excited to hear it slash afraid that I'd hate it. But I'd love the song  so much. "We are Young" has been my jam all week and I hope you like it!


There's something about the fall that makes me want to go retro. It's probably all of the sleeves and layers. I knew that I wanted to do a throw-back for this week's Style Spiration and who better than Bianca Jagger? One of the most classic style icons, Jagger's style has inspired fashionistas like Rachel Zoe.  With Jagger's looks comes a sense of feminine masculinity; she can rock suits without looking like an androgynous mess. 
Beautiful. The silhouette of this dress is rather clean; however, the detail on the top of the bodice give this dress the perfect amount of drama. Her style isn't overbearing, yet it is completely glamourous. Incredible.  (Photo Cred)
How many times do I have to say it? Never EVER underestimate the power of fur. This incredible fur, combined with Jagger's low-maintenance makeup, is the perfect way to look effortless glam. (Photo Cred)
While most people would look like a really creepy cowboy in this look, this ensemble is effortless and undeniably chic on Jagger. There's not much I can say because this picture doesn't show the whole look. And it also is in black and white, but here's a lesson for the books: AVIATORS ARE  INSTA-EFFORTLESS. Those sunglasses would work with almost any look but, in this instance, they make Jagger look cool.  (Photo Cred)

I wish that I had more to say about these looks, but the lack of information makes that a little tricky. Anywho, I do love Jagger's effortlessly chic style. She doesn't need all of the bells and whistles to look incredible. At the same time, she's not our modern day minimalist. You guys know how I feel about minimalism. Decades after her style peak, it's ironic slash amazing how I find her style refreshing. With that in mind, onto the weekly!

  • Rose Huntington-Whiteley at the Burberry show (Burberry) : While this look does scream Burberry- if you're quiet enough, you'll hear it- I love how the drama is not in crazy silhouettes but the pops of color. While the jacket obviously takes center stage, the red in the jacket is not overbearing. The green of the shirt and the black of the pants act as neutrals, yet all of the colors work together to create a cohesive look. I also love how she threw that woven-esque bag in: it gives this look a sense of personal style. While I would replace her sandals with a neutral pump, the femininity seen in her hair and makeup creates more cohesion. A perfect transition look into the new season.
  • Sienna Miller at London's Moet and Chandon Etoile Award (Dior): Ever since I saw Alfie, I've been obsessed with Miller's boho chic. While this look is not typical Sienna Miller, I think she looks incredible. The overload of glitz and jewels makes this look extremely feminine and overly glamourous, which I personally love. The column silhouette makes this look more approachable. I lover her take on vintage glam but what really makes this look is the red lip: it gives this rather innocent look some sex appeal. Brava! 
  • Rose Huntington Whiteley at the same Moet party  (Burberry): Well,  apparently she's dominating every Burberry look lately. I love the the design of this dress! The plunging V and high slit are uber sultry;however, the long sleeves make this design more classy. The movie-star waves and the red lips are uberglam, but I would've chosen different jewels. The jewels are just a little too primitive for my liking. But I love this dress so that's why it's in the weekly.

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