Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Week London Broke My Heart

London is my all-time favorite city: I love the atmosphere, the fashion, the dialect, the food...EVERYTHING. I am beyond excited to be spending my Christmastime in London this year; however, London Fashion Week made me cry. Cry out of pure anguish and sorrow, that is. In my mind, London is such a fashion-forward city. And Spring 2012 RTW was PITIFUL. It just didn't excite me. Sure there were some collections that rocked my world, but that wasn't many. It made me question my beliefs...it was that rough.

But as for the collections I did like, here you go! 

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I have a soft spot for Matthew Williamson: his prints and chic slash bohemian looks always make me smile. Thank the fashion gods that this collection was not a disappointment.  The bright colors are super appropriate for spring, yet the boldness of each color is more original than your typical spring collection. And I love maxi dresses of all shapes so I'm extremely happy about that! The final looks are super chic and fancy, but  stayed true to Williamson's aesthetic. Overall, the looks are wearable, fun, and feminine. Beyond gorgeous.
Phenomenal. This is one of the very few looks I've seen so far that's actually innovative. The silhouettes and the fabrics are so fresh and unique. I love how these looks show some skin; however, they're not slutty. A little bit of sultry goes a long, long way. The pops of color towards the end of the show gives this collection an appropriate amount of spice. Fantastic!

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Unlike other collections, Felder Felder's runway actually has a pulse. Though the chocker situation is kind of scary, this collection summarizes everything I love about British style: it's raw, edgy, quirky, and all around BAMF. The harsh leather is beautifully juxtaposed with white, light dresses.  And that final look? Literally took my breath away: it's so edgy and beautiful.

Now you must be thinking, "Why isn't my Internet loading the rest of this AWESOME blog?" Nope, that's it. ONLY THREE COLLECTIONS THAT I REALLY LIKED.

London, we're gonna have a talk during Christmastime. 


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