Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Video Fashion Week

If you thought that Fashion Week was over, think again! While Video Fashion Week shows have been on the rise for quite some time, it seems as if they've truly become mainstream this season. I mean, if style.com makes a big deal out of it, it IS a big deal. But what are we supposed to think about these videos? Are they super cool or a major fashion faux pas? Get ready for some pro-and-con-age because it's a'coming.


  • They're a super sick way to show off the inspiration behind a collection.
  • I always love a good film.
  • Whenever I see a runway collection, I always imagine what kind of people would wear these pieces. These videos hit the nail right on the head.
  • A boring presentation, instead of a full-fledged runway show, is so...boring. These videos definitely give some life to a simple presentation.
  • They don't really show off the clothes. Like, can we talk about the Surface to Air video? Those patchwork jeans were only exciting for so long! 
  • Sometimes, I found myself more interested in the drama than the clothes...sad, but true.
  • I  do miss the razz-ma-tazz of a runway show. 
After this short, but sweet, pros and cons list, I think that Video Fashion Week is a STYLE DO. I mean,  technology is making our world a very virtual place. If it can't be changed back to the good 'ol days, we might as well embrace it, right? I strongly urge you to check out Video Fashion Week: they're a new way to look at some of the coolest collections. 


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