Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Style Files: Perfection of Your Face Slows Me Down

So this week, my friends- especially my roommie- and I have been going CRAZY over Maroon 5. Specifically, "Never Gonna Leave This Bed." I'm borderline obsessed with the music video for three reasons:

  1. Adam Levine is gorgeous.
  2. The concept is adorable.
  3. I love Wayfrarers on guys...yes that is one of my reasons.

You're welcome.

Recently, I've developed this theory that Justin Timberlake is the most perfect person...ever. Don't believe me? Well let's look at the facts: he's beautiful, 6'1 (according to my findings), can sing, can dance, can act, is extremely funny and successful. Did I mention he also has a killer sense of style. Yes ladies and gent, I'm continuing this boy crazy extravaganza with J.T. as this week's style-spiration. 
J.T. at the WilliamRast Spring 2007 RTW Show. Call me old fashion, but I cannot resist a guy in a sweater vest. Unless it's an old man who looks like he's up to no good.  I love how J.T. used the sweater vest a neutral and experiment with different patterns, as seen in the tie and button-down. While I'm not loving the vans, I love how Justin is never afraid to experiment with clothes. He is my dream man. (Photo Cred)

J.T at Cartier's 100th Anniversary. He looks...SO GOOD. I love this three piece suit: it's so classic, but edgy with his subtle scruff. The combination of grey and black makes this look funky and sophisticated. Ugh. Why can't I marry him? (Photo Cred)

 J.T. at the 2009 Met Ball in WilliamRast. HE EVEN DOES A FORMAL TUX BETTER THAN ANY GUY. SERIOUSLY, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?! The bow tie- lapel proportions are spot on and he looks uberchic. Those glasses make him look intellectual and trendy. Only man who reads this blog, listen up: THICK RIMMED GLASSES ARE A STYLE DO. I'm so glad he broke up with Jessica Biel. (Photo Cred)

...Need I say more?
Like...I love you too, Justin.

That was fun, now onto the weekly!



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  1. i <3 j.t.s' look!!!!!! you are so right, AS ALWAYS! XX