Monday, 3 January 2011

The Weekly: Let's Reflect

 First thing's first.
Happy New Year!
I hope that everyone had a fun and safe holiday that will be followed by a year of laughter, health, and fabulousity.

I had a whole list of looks that I thought were good  this week but, due to the technological hardships we are facing in Londontown, I decided to do a list of the best of the best. My favorite fashionistas, who were seen in my weeklies,  and what I think should be in store for them in the new year. 

So let's get this started, yes?

Claire Danes has been doing some great stuff this year. What I love most about her looks is that she can do a range. She can rock a soft and classic  Armani Prive, but can go toughie and innovative in Burberry. She is such a blank slate and looks gorgeous no matter what. Though I'm a big fan of accessories, I think the fabrics of these dresses are so intense that a plethora of jewels would ruin it. In the future, I would love to see Danes experiment more with silhouettes; differences in volume and length would totally spice up her wardrobe. Maybe something like this Lanvin? With that in mind, let her pile on  the jewels!

Regardless of some of her mistakes, I do love Diane Kruger. Unlike so many celebrities of our day, she always dressy trendalicious and classy.I enjoy how she actually seems to care about what she wears; she's been spotted at Chanel resort shows! Though some of her looks may not make the best dressed lists, she always take risks. What kind of person can go from Jason Wu, to Chanel, to Vuitton in just a few months (from classic, to feminie and chic, to trendy, respectively)? Diane Kruger can. And the best part is, all three of those looks are so effortless on her! Diane Kruger, oh yes she's a muse to the (insert style here) look. It's cliche, but I have no critiques, just keep doing what you're doing. While it'd be great to have more commercial hits, she's taking risks and they definitely speak more to the fashion-inclined.

Emma Watson and Emma Roberts are the two best dressed Emma's in Hollywood. What I love best about their two styles, is how they're aging with grace and class. Some celebrities channel their inner Miley Cyrus to show off their womanhood, but these ladies use their class to show that they are better than the others. Watson's incredible white Burberry to show off a mature side of her and Roberts keeps it young but appropriately sexy in Julien Macdonald. The only improvements these two ladies can do is keep growing into their style. Though this look is great for their age, I think that both of them should begin to grow into some minimalist looks. Maybe some Calvin Klein with major statement pieces?

Without a doubt, Blake Lively is probably the biggest fashion icon of this decade. The new face of Chanel bags? Getting shoes named after her by Louboutin? Sitting next to Anna Wintour during fashion shows. Trust me, I read the articles! It's just enough to be threatened by any aspiring fashionista. But, to give her credit, she does have a smashing sense of style.  My favorite part about Blake Lively's look is how she self-styles herself. You rarely see that anymore, which makes me respect her a lot. She knows just how to rock a Marchesa with the perfect amount of accessories , for example. That takes skill! Every look of hers is very different which, considering she doesn't have a stylist, is a lot of work so you must give her credit for that as well. In the next year, I think she should start to be more sophisticated with her fashion. She tends to show a lot of cleavage which isn't necessary, she should focus on her great taste!

And Kate Hudson is utterly fabulous. Do I love her because I love her movies? Or because of her personality? Or because Rachel Zoe styles her? I'll never know BUT she's done some amazing things this year.  What I think is great about Kate is that she can make even the most atraditional dress classy and chic. I mean...we never see her in a full skirted gown, do we? Nope! And that's because she does what's current. Like the Pucci she wore at the SAG Awards. Honestly, who else would be able to pull that off? And the Lanvin she wore at the 2010 Glamour Woman of the Year  was, once again, extremely atypical but it  worked for her and it was quite fabulous.  I think it would be interesting in 2011 to see Hudson wear some typically feminine pieces, maybe some De la Renta. Just think, how random, confusing, and ultimately fabulous would that be?! 

Here's to an up-coming year of great fashion and fun! 

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