Tuesday, 4 January 2011

British East India Company

So I've never done of these inspiration-blogs before but I'll give it a go, yes? Yes.
I'm officially into this Victorian/Arabian nights look. The juxtaposition of traditional versus temptress is really cool.
Is it because I'm in London? 
Is it because I have an urge for Indian food?
Source of inspiration you may ask?

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Details, details, details!

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Is there a better inspiration besides Prada?

How to Style this Trend: I think the key to pursuing this look is minimalism. Blegh, I hate minimalism...usually. But here, it is necessary. If you have phenomenal pieces (pluralized) and accessories galore, it may start looking like a costume, which should be happening. This look can be achieved with one or two fabulous pieces and a rather plain outfit besides that. But the key of this look is jutxaposition. If you wear a turban, keep the jewels gold and not as bold. Wearing a uber victorian scarf, chunky bangles will offset the Arabian Nights look.

I love this scarf! 
This lovely silk scarf is Anna Maria la Bianca (the link does show off lingerie and swimwear, but I swear she makes scarves too). Anna Maria herself showed me many ways to wear this: top, headband, scarf, etc. What I love about this scarf is that it is so versatile. It comes in a variety of colors (my sister got black and my mom got a lovely red). In my mind, it really describes the look that I am fascinated with at the moment: the color scheme is very traditional while the design is extremely hypnotic.

Ever since Sex and the City 2, I've toyed with the idea of a turban. Were the clothes in that movie terrifying? Yes. But, something about a turban is so effortlessly chic and Rachel Zoe: I wanted it. I've searched high and low for one, but was left turban-less. On the checkout line of Topshop today, I found it.  I snatched it up and wore it home. My boyfriend didn't understand the fabulousity of this turban, but whatever. And yes, I shot a picture of it on an exercise ball.  Maybe one day I'll become a real blogger and take pictures of my clothes...on me. But for now, I think an exercise ball works just fine, don't you?

Another Topshop steal! I love the coral in this reminds me of a dingy victorian petticoat (don't ask me why), but it's contrast with the gold is just what I'm looking for. This combined with a cape and riding boots equals be perfection.


  1. I literally lol'd with the entire turban paragraph! Kieran didn't understand the fabulousity, but whatever hahaha! Also, I'm glad the exercise ball is being put to good use! Glad you didn't injure anyone to snatch it up! Wear it well as you always do gorgeous!

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