Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Spontaneous Journey

Today, I went to the Tower Bridge with my lovely boyfriend. As we were on our way to this iconic sight. we saw a sign: "Fashion and Textiles Museum" it read. Obviously, more like reluctantly on my boyfriend's part, we had to go. A stroll, a lot of pulling on my part, and eight pounds later, we were there.
There was a Susan Timney/ Timney- Fowler Exhibit.
Even though the exhibit was a bit small, it was extremely visually pleasing.
A bunch of fabrics for the feel! I loved how each one was so diverse but, at the same time, suggested some cohesiveness.
A nice close up.
This was so whimsy, so Alice In Wonderland. If you look closely, my reluctant boyfriend is sitting on the steps behind the chairs.

There was a great display of silk shirts as well, but an intimidating security guard was sitting in the corner so I wasn't going to risk it. 

There were some great Zandra Rhodes pieces.
So retro.
Cut, color, print- LUVS IT.
It's so 20's  flapper meets distressed 50's housewife on "date night" with her husband.
Her prints were apparently considered too outrageous to sell. 
Some designs!


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