Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's the People's Choice

So the 2011 People's Choice Awards seemed interesting.
Some Valid Points on Media: Pretty Little Liars should've won, TWILIGHT NEEDS TO STOP WINNING, Modern Family should've won, and I'm really glad Lie to Me is getting some attention.
I didn't get to see the actual ceremony, since I'm still in London but of course I watched the red carpet. It was extremely awkward. Especially when the anchors didn't know who Bella Thorne was. I don't know who she is, but I'm not a Hollywood reporter.

Like every award show, there was good fashion and bad fashion.
And obviously I have some thoughts.

  • Natalie Portman (Jason Wu): I don't want to do this to neither Portman nor Wu, but this is terrible. With all of the Black Swan attention she's getting, you would think she'd dress chicer. I know she's preggers and everything, but it looks like she is going to the beach; it should have been a bit more tailored. And it's just so boring. Barely any makeup, barely any jewels. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! She always does something awesome on the red carpet, so I'm majorly disappointed.
  • Leighton Meester (Vionnet): Meester's issue is that she always tries to be quirky. Sometimes, it works and I love it. Other times, most times, it's not that great. The fabric, especially for an awards ceremony, is too casual. It looks like she's coming from a local pub. Her makeup looks really good, but I can't get over that dress. It looks so flawed. So messy. I think if she really wanted to make a splash, while being quirky, it should be a work of art.
  • Khloe Kardashian (McQueen): I usually love Khloe, but she made McQueen look gross. First of all, she went red? I don't like it one bit!! Also, this is the least flattering dress for her body type. I HATE when people who I heavy chested wear flowing pieces, it makes them look large, most of the time. She has a lot of curves and I respect her confidence, but I think a fitted dress would've done her better. And please, Khloe, cover your boobs.
  • Kate Walsh (David Meister): I didn't know Kate Walsh was having her sweet sixteen?! Seriously, totally NOT age appropriate. I utterly despise this look. The color's gorgeous on her, but she should be doing something a little more...sophisticated. An evening dress? Or if she wants to go short, GO SEXY!  And accessorize, please! Some jeweled bangles or a cocktail ring would've made a big improvement.
  • Amanda Michalka (I don't even want to know): UGLIEST DRESS ALIVE. This is disgusting. The shear part of the skirt. The awkward key hole. The chorus black and white look. There is no way this dress could be fixed. "AJ", ANYTHING but this dress would be better. I don't even want to go into details in fear my computer will combust. 
  • Robert Pattinson (I don't want to know, again): Pretend like you care.
  • Raven Symone (Not Available): While I have mixed feeling about this look, I decided to put it on the best dress list because she's doing something many people failed to do at this award show: dress for her body. Yes, she may not be a size 00, but she it figuring out what works best for her. This complete black ensemble is really slimming for her. The different fabrics and ruffles definitely contribute to making her look slimmer. In addition, her hair and makeup is so sleek and chic. A major improvement!
  • Vanessa Williams (Tadashi Shoji): She looks beautiful and completely age appropriate! The metallic dress is so chic and winter appropriate, which I'm loving. It's great that she showed skin but didn't go overboard. Williams kept it classy, which is great. Also, she had the perfect accessories and her shoes spiced it up. Perfect all around!
  • Nikki Taylor (Donna Karan): Long sleeved dresses are so now, I love how she dressed for the chilly winter weather but still looks undeniably chic. The statement necklace makes the look exciting and pulls it all together. She kept it simple which is appropriate for the event and the long outfit.  I just wish she'd take the bump-it out.
  • Katy Perry (Betsey Johnson): Do I like this dress? Not really. BUT, it's perfect for Katy Perry. It covers enough and the below the knee hem-line makes it grown up. She's not trying to be a teenager, but a fun married lady. The lack of accessories works really well here because the dress is so undeniably busy.  Unlike others, Katy Perry knows the fine line between girly and dressing like a little girl.
  • Jennifer Aniston (Dolce and Gabbana): At first, I really didn't like it; I felt like she was trying a little too hard. But after looking at this look more and more, I really like it. Red carpets are typically the place for great evening gowns; however, the People's Choice Awards are a bit more casual. I like how Jen took advantage of that and wore this fitted suit. Like Vanessa Williams, this look is extremely age appropriate. The cleavage showing vest is both classy and sexy. She's got a great figure, which I think she knows, yet she's not trying to look like she did in her twenties.  And  the gold accessories are perfect,  I love black and gold together! 
  • Selena Gomez (Paule Ka): AMAZING. This blush pink looks incredible with Selena's complexion. The hair looks great. The fashion forward asymmetrical shoulder is so chic.  With something so dramatically simple, I'm not bothered by her lack of accessories; however, a cocktail ring would've been nice. She always dresses classy and never shows too much skin. Her dresses seem to fit like a glove, but not too snug! She's a beautiful girl who dresses beautifully.
  • Selena Gomez (Irina Shabeyeva): Once again, everything is so right with this look. What I love most is how different it is from her first look but still phenomenal. I love the idea of a long dress with a irregular hem-line, it's sophisticated and young at the same time. The print is really cool and the strappy heels and gold earrings make the masses not focus on the dress, but Selena's entire look, which is something really incredible. You would think with two dresses, they'd either be mediocre or one would be horrific. But she has something in her that can come up with fabulous looks all of the time, which I really admire.

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