Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Weekly: Sleigh Bells Ring

Hello! So this week has been rather uneventful; studying, studying, Christmas present shopping, and oh,uh, more studying! But it is very exciting because Christmas is so soon. 13 days!  So shall we star the "12 days of Christmas" song tomorrow, yes? Good. So, in celebration of the Holidays, I am going to blog about something that's on my Christmas list, or a good present idea, everyday until the wonderful holiday happens! Sounds good? Yay!

Present Number One:
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The alliance between fashion and music are relatively strong. As we have all experienced through Madonna, Gaga, and every major star, musicians set the trends. When I saw this poster, I became obsessed. I love how it covers major artists and their choice of style. What's even better is that they have posters for the individual artists. It's the perfect thing to get any fashionista or music fanatic. Just picture it in an office and jam room; how fabulous?!

Now, onto the weeklies! 
Bare with me, there are TONS.
  • POSH SPICE at LAX (Giambattista Valli): A few days ago, Poshie Posh tweeted about this jacket. It is probably the most fabulous cape I've ever seen. The high collar and pockets make it trendy, but in black, it is a forever piece. I love how this look was an all-black outfit.  She kept it simple, so she looks undoubtedly clean and chic. And oh-so posh!
  • GWEN STEFANI at The Kennedy Centers Honors (Prada): Sometimes, Gwen Stefani bothers me: she's a little too rough around the edges and rocker. Like, put on some clothes, please? But she looks fantastic in this yellow Prada. Yellow's so tricky to perfect, and she "hit it out of the park" (sports terms, lolololololol).  Her hair looks great, the accessories are matchy, and that red lip sticks true to her inner rocker. The high neck with the mermaid skirt is something  we don't see many celebrities wear, but Gwen is classy and savy enough to pull something like this off. Bravo! 
  • CARRIE UNDERWOOD at the ACA's (George Chakras): I admire Carrie Underwood  for her transition; from American Idol winner to being a major fashion queen, her looks have gotten more and more risky and fashion forward. Like this George Chakras is absolutely stun.ning.  Though this red is so great with her complexion, but it's the shear asymmetrical neckline that makes this piece.  How Jessica Rabbit of her? Her fashion taste has evolved in such a steady way, major props.
  • EMMA ROBERTS at the British Fashion Awards (Julien Macdonlad): LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This Julien Macdonald is so youthful but so chic at the same time. I love the blue print and the black tuelle everywhere is awesome. I also loved how she paired it with tights. Tights just pulls the outfit completely together. I love how she didn't put her hair in a sleek up-do and created minimal accessories; this dress is fun enough, no need to add extras! It's so quirky but, at the same time, so awesome.


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