Monday, 13 December 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas TIME

Okay, so my title may be cheesy, but watches are definitely a necessary Christmas present. The beauty of it is that you can give a watch to everyone: men, women, boys, and girls. And also, the price ranges are endless! Whether its for fashion reasons, or a cute way to tell a certain someone that their lack of punctuality is annoying, a watch is an oh-so-chic present!

This is the one that I've been smitten with:
There's something about the gold and tortoise combination that I absolutely loves; it exudes classiness. To me, this watch is completely pragmatic and chic. It'd be perfect with a leather jacket,  dark wash jeans, and flat. But, at the same time, a little dress and jacket would work as well. Either stacked with bracelets or left alone, Michael Kors' watches are perfect accessories. 

Since my posts have been rather positive, I feel like it's a good time for a nice time for an original rant. 

or as I would like to call them,

Ugh. You know when someone's a complete and total Hipster, or wanna-be Hipster, when they put a pair of large, obviously fake, glasses.

Just like these:
Photo/Store Cred: American Apparel

What kind of statement do people think they're accomplishing with these glasses? I'm a conformist phink?! I find these Hiprims to be ironic because the Hipsters are trying to be different by doing something so common now? They're not attractive in the least bit, it's just covering someone's face. I think individuality is something that should be cherished, but my dear Hipsters, there are other ways! Try being a fabulous first, not some second rate prototype! Some people may actually have these glasses for pragmatic reasons, but I feel like "posers" use them just for sport. But even if you do need glasses, WHY THESE?! They're just so silly I can't even stand them. My least favorite,however, is when a celebrity who is the farthest thing from Hipster in this whole wide world wears them and consequently thinks they're the coolest. Exhibit A: Joe Jonas. You're not a Hipster. You are a Disney Channel Star. Just because you wear Hiprims doesn't give you the right to deem yourself "Indie". Once you create thoughtful music, unlike "Burning Up" and "S.OS", maybe you'll be considered a Hipster.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm intrigued with Hipsters. They're so now and some of my friends would be considered "artsy" and I love them so Hipsters are fine by me. In fact, I think it'd be awesome if everyone had a smidgen of Hipster in them: something off-beat and quirky but makes them their own person, fashion-wise or personality-wise. But Hiprims are so stupid. ALERT: You can be a Hipster without the rims! And you can still be cool and Indie and all of that fun stuff! This might sound after school special, but just be yourself. SHEESH.


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