Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All The Way Home I'll Be Warm

Because the weather outside is quite frightful, a cozy sweater is an imperative holiday present and a necessity for the cold weather. For example, I'm currently wearing my incredible DVF sweater. The beauty of sweaters, like many of the gift ideas, there's a large range of pricing and let's be honest, who doesn't love a sweater?! My friend Kim loves sweaters to the nth power.

For the ladies in the house:  I love sweaters that have some kind of dramatic effect.  Like this cocoon cardigan; the back is so interesting.  AND THIS FRINGED SWEATER actually made me "oooooh".

Like really.

Of course, a generic sweater comes first and foremost, but I super special sweater, in my mind, makes the perfect present. 

With a generic sweater:
Some Random Folk: Oh, what'd you get for Christmas?
You: This sweater! 
Some Random Folk: Cool.

With a super amazing sweater:
Some Random Folk: That sweater is super fierce.
You: I got it for Christmas!
Some Random Folk: Wow... I wish I was loved.

For the Fly Boys: I think a rather traditional sweater does the trick. Over the summer, I (attempted) to make my boyfriend wear a "Grandpa Cardigan", but he wasn't feeling it. Unless your man frequents the cardigan, I advise a pull-over sweater. V-Necks, I think, would create a decent gift: a little flash but still classy.

there are THREEEEE things one must keep in mind when buying a sweater
1) Quality, purchase a real and snuggly fabrice
2) Size, usually a bigger sweater is better
3) Color, classic color for dramatic sweaters, fun colors for generic sweaters

And with that, I'm done!

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