Thursday, 16 December 2010

Slip into Something a Bit More Comfortable

My roommie and I get along extremely well; however, there is one thing we don't agree on:
My Slippers.

She definitely has a point. My sister me slipper from London two Christmases ago, and I've worn them ever since.  I even left them at home this Thanksgiving and made my mom send them to my dorm for finals.  Consequently, my slippers may not be in the best condition. 
Hello, lover!

The front: my roommie refers to them as "homeless people slippers".

The back: At least my heel isn't falling out!

My unconditional relationship with my slippers is definitely odd; how could someone who loves nice things and strives for all things glamourous love these? When it comes to my slippers, dare I say it, comfort dominates chic-ness. When something is so comforting, falling madly in love is inevitable. So instead of promoting an uber glamorous present today, I've decided to recognize the essential; a good and snuggly slipper.

I think something like these would make the perfect gift.


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First of all, I love the closed back on these slippers. One of the things that I love about my slippers is how I can walk/run/skip and I don't have to worry about them falling off my feet! These slippers, however, provide more support. I love the whole tribal look, the braiding is so cool and the natural looking colors allow anyone to dress up their slippers, I know I like dressing up my slippers! And sheepskin is tre comfortable. Even though the price might not be favorable for some, slippers are definitely an investment. So please, pick up a pair of fabulous slippers and wear them 'till the death! 

Speaking of sleeping apparel...

I am IN LOVE with my new jeans.
I think they're rather flattering, slimming but not suffocating.
And they are soooo comfortable.
So comfortable, I feel asleep with them on a few days ago.
That's right.
And when I woke up in the morning.
So if you're not a fan of new slippers, GET THESE JEANS.


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