Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Good Three

So I'm a terrible blogger and have failed to daily blog for two days. And since it's officially Sunday, I figured why not a three?

The number three is specifically important in my group of friends.
With that being said, here's my gift three.

I think even the most stylish person frequently needs a reminder or two about fabulousity and class. What a better mentor than the flawless and brilliant Coco Chanel.
Behold: The Fashion Classy Book.

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I think that this present is perfect for any fashionista. First of all, Chanel is amazing. So anything with the Chanel seal of approval is obviously a seal of approval in my mind. Also, buying clothes for people can be a little bit awkward and stressful. Will they be offended if I get them a certain size? What if they don't like this color? Am I trying to hard to press my style on them? Stressful Indeed! Getting something like this book, however, gives off the "I know you love fashion vibe" without  breaking the bank. These books are easy to read, as well. My best pal got Classy from our other best college pal/ my roommie and it's been great fun to browse through.

I'm not a ring person: for some reason, they have always freaked me out. But this gift guide is not about me. Therefore, I think a great gift would also be a fabulous statement ring. This Kate Spade one is so glitzy and glamorous, which is exactly what I think of when ringing in the holidays. The winter weather is so dull, sparkly jewels are a necessity. And this statement ring doesn't too much sparkle and is uber classy. As a result, it can last you the whole year. Talk about a happy new year! 
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Oh, and one more thing
Essentially, my style is relatively girly; however, I've been trying to shake it up a little bit more. Adding some edge has made me feel more on trend, not to mention it's ridiculously fun! So for Christmas this year, I desperately want this Alexander McQueen scarf.
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Without a doubt, McQueen is one of the most legendary designers of our generation. Owning something that exudes the original McQueen essence is imperative. Are the skulls a bit scary? Well yes. But this scarf comes in so many colors, the skulls don't have to be as harsh. This is so uncharacteristic but I want this so bad!

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