Thursday, 14 October 2010

Though I'm Walking Through the Shadows You Are With Me and You Comfort Me

So as everyone knows, or should know, I'm utterly obsessed with Cheryl Cole. Her style is utterly incredible, I LOVE her CD Three Words. I just love her so much. So obviously, I was super excited to see her music video for her latest single, "Promise This".


I absolutely loved the outfits in this music video sooo why not blog about it?! First and foremost, I love ballerina inspired looks.

Two of my skirts. Pretty baller...ina if I say so myself! 
So OBVIOUSLY, I was so smitten with  Cheryl's ballerina outfit. The fitted bodice was matched so beautifully with the "feathered' skirt of the dress. To me, it wasn't like Cheryl was trying to hard to be sexy, it was just pretty. The ivory/tan color also works perfectly with her skin tone (an ivory dress is hard to pull off so props, Ms. Cole) and epitomized femininity. 

I wasn't a huge fan of her blazer look. The stripes were so London chic, but I think that a patterned tight  (for the record, I'm loving patterned tights at the moment) would have created a more cohesive look with all of the outfits. But I think the beauty of London Fashionistas is their ability to experiment and overall originality. 

The more I look at it, the more I enjoy the "vine mini dress". I always love a good mini with long sleeves. In my personal opinion, it's so fun and mod. Sexy, without being promiscuous. The idea of the vines is definitely interesting, but the lighting totally flushed Cheryl out. When you look at it closer, however, the neckline is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's beaded and the mini an understated complexity. 

And finally... the orange dress. What to say? First of all, the silhouette is really beautiful. I think the bows on the shoulders  and the bright orange color gives a long and, for a lack of better words, boring dress some spice; however, the cleavage. Is it unanimous that the cleavage is just wrong. Obviously, I love Cheryl, but I thought the cleavage disrupted such an edgy and sophisticated overall look. Without a doubt, this look was extremely disappointing. 

Cheryl's new album "Messy Little Raindrops" is expected to hit London stores in early November, so I will be getting my copy when I go to London in December. Can we just all stop and reflect that she is showing a little red sole in the album art. Cheryl, you cease to amazing me!

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