Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Weekly: Spooktacular Fashions

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I do believe that Halloween has to be up there on an aspiring fashionista's list of favorite holidays! You  get to dress up...and who doesn't love dressing up?! Nobody. While I'd love to have my weekly based on Halloween costumes, I think I'll save that for later this week. But you can take a look at my fail of a pumpkin for now!

It was supposed to be a winking pumpkin, right?!

There were a lot of awesome costumes that I saw during this weekend: a plethora of Ke$has looking fabulous, one of my friends was  Antoine Dodson, lax bros (my roommie's personal fave).
I was personally PETRIFIED of this full on bunny costume:
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Some top trends for costumes were "Risky Business Girls", nerds, and a plethora of other short skirt wearing outfits. I was a BALLER-ina one night and a mod/hippie/Edie Sedgwick/ London's sixties girl the other night, while my boyfriend was a Chilean Miner...yes...a Chilean Miner. My roommie was a cowgirl/ school-girl. Some of my other friends were hippies, Katy Perry, Pocahontas, police cops, pumpkins, greek goddesses, fairies, etc. All in all, it was a splendid weekend! 

  • Demi Moore at the GQ Gentleman's Ball (Balmain): Love this Balmain!  I always am a fan of Balmain's interesting silhouettes and shapes (although some of them get a bit repetitive). Black and gold is such a chic color combination: it jazzes up what could potentially be gothic dress. Demi tends to wear a lot of black so the gold accents really helps it be a little bit out of her comfort zone. The tortoise clutch also gives it a little more ooomph: black would be too boring and gold would be too predictable. Tying it all together with some black heels and Ashton on her arm makes it a perfect outfit! 
  • Keira Knightley at the Last Night Premiere (Valentino): I don't think I'd love this dress as much if Keira wasn't the one wearing it. But she does something to fashion that is so unexplainable but she, and whatever she's wearing, is always so effortless and beautiful. I loved all of the three dimensional aspects to this dress: I feel like she frequently wears simplistic outfits, but the semi- avant garde quality of this Valentino is refreshing! I do wish, however, she wore bright colors more frequently. Her paleness would make an awesome contrast with a cobalt blue or something. 

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