Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Weekly: To Perfume and Makeup, From Ribbons and Curls

So this week was PARENTS WEEKEND at college which means eating some great food and $hopping. It was lovely to see the good 'ol folks; we got to see some of Boston's lovely fall!

Gorgeous, right?
In terms of shopping, I got some basic shirts and this cardigan I'm obsessing over. The one thing I felt like I was seriously lacking in my wardrobe was a black cardigan. But would you rather have a plain black cardigan or one with a little something special on it? Like some jewels? The jewels, duh!

  • Kristen Stewart at the Welcome to the Rileys screening (Valentino and Brian Atwood): I don't really like Kristen Stewart; I personally think that both Jacob and Edward could do better but she actually looks really well dressed here. She threw away those stinking Converses and decided to dress like a lady. Beige and black is so cool and I love how the dress isn't just one laced pattern: she's switched it up and kept some of her funk in this dress. The one shoulder is genius, otherwise it would be so boring. The red lip, paired with the black pump, just really makes it classy: which is something  she hasn't pulled off with such grace until now. Props, Kristen Stewart, props.
  • Scarlett Johansson at MANGO in Spain: LOVE. If she didn't pull this off with the perfect amount of accessories and grace, I would not be a fan. But I just love the necklace she's wearing which spices up the dress but doesn't over-do the look. And the chunky black shoes? AWESOME. She rarely looks unkept, she's Scarlett Johansson! I think her messy up-do created such a cool sense of indifference with this look. LOVING IT.
  • Blake Lively at Vertu Launch Party (Dior):  This outfit is such a  cool going out look. I love jackets of all kinds, but this leather blazer-esque one is to die for. The fuchsia looks incredible on her and she's finally covering up her cleavage (it was seriously starting to get old). Some people are not fans of the black tights, but I really like them. In the Autumn/ Winter season, I wear tights like it was my job. If she didn't wear tights, the fuchsia would look too summer-ish, I believe.  But anyways, top job, Blake!

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  1. Finally Kristen Stewart, or her stylist, did something right here! I too am not a fan...she annoys me, but I must give credit where credit is due. I continue to love your eye for fashion and your objectiveness! Keep up the great work,Kelsey!