Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ayo I'm Tired of Using Technology

In the midst of frantically studying for midterms, I have been keeping up with my fashion news. Fashion week in Paris?! Loving it so far! But that needs its own post. But this one article made me so upset. If you don't want to read it all, basically technology is taking over fashion. IT'S NOT FAIR. I just think it's really upsetting how a video could even be the slightest alternative to a runway. Never...

I will admit that this gives the show a very artistic perspective and it is cool, but one of the most crucial aspects of a fashion show, in my personal opinion, is to see the clothes live and breathe. It's kind of like when you see a celebrity in a movie versus seeing a celebrity in person. For example, seeing Michael Buble's music videos is much different, and inferior, to seeing him in person...


Get the picture? PUNNY

Not like I've ever been to fashion show (...), but seeing those pieces of art in person allow us to know that they're real. And also, the Gareth Pugh video seemed to place a lot of emphasis on the multiple models, and camera angles. While a fashion show has many other components, there's only one crucial aspect: the FASHION. 

I should be going to bed now, but I just thought I would make it clear that I'm NOT a fan of this new form. TOO MUCH MEDIA CONVERGENCE (there I go, applying what I learn in COM 101 to my blog).

I should also mention that my dorm had a fire drill at 12:45 AM a few nights ago...I was so upset, I wore my faux fur vest with my pajamas. I thought it was a fire drill must!

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ONE OF MY FAVES FROM THE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE! It's so eclectic and random but it just proves that fabulousity (and fur) is key AT ALL TIMES.


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