Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Weekly: Can't Help Myself but Count the Flaws

Before I came back from spring break,  something happened. I went to a consignment shop. Things happened. Good for me, but bad quasi-bad for my bank account.
I definitely am a jewels addict, but they're just so beautiful! I can't stop! And gold and emerald is such a power combination in my mind, two of my favorites! 
My wardrobe is becoming more and more fierce, and I kind of love it!  I wore the leopard vest with black skinnies and a black shirt and I loved it. The blouse is going to look so sick in the spring with my fringe vest and jean shorts.

I bought these Stuart Weitzman shoes for $30 and I was happy. My mom thinks that they look like granny shoes, which I understand, but  I think they're a good classic staple to have.

I think there is a frequent debate about consignment stores: to shop or not to shop? While many people understand how consignment stores are a fabulous way to obtain fun and retro piece- let's not forget the occasional designer steals- others believe it's rather unsanitary. "But you're wearing someone else's clothes," "they're dirty," "I want stuff that is new."  Though that is a justified reason for some neat freaks, I think it's not a good enough reason to not even consider shopping consignment. If a store wants to have some credibility, they are not going to sell merchandise that's in a poor condition. And isn't it a cool idea thinking about the life a consignment piece has lived? You can make up a story for it!  While I don't think that someone should have a wardrobe filled entirely of consignment, because every aspiring fashionista needs to keep up with the times, we shouldn't be afraid of shopping for used items. One girl's trash can be another's treasure!

Alright, now onto the weekly! One of these weeks, I'm going to have an Anti-Weekly of terrible looks of the week.

  • Anne Hathaway at the Rio Premiere in Brazil (Dolce and Gabbana): Ugh, she always dresses so great. The whole look just made me think of springtime, which consequently made me really happy. Her hair, for once, looked so relaxed which I thought was extremely refreshing. Speaking of beauty, I loved the makeup: the pink lip gave the whole look a really subtle pop. The Dolce and Gabbana frock was also really laid back, which is something relatively new for Anne. The best part about this look, you ask? The lizard clutch, for sure! The print is more subdued than leopard or zebra, but it still brings the appropriate edge to this outfit. Tre tre chic! 
  • Katie Holmes at the New York Screening of Decisioni (Stella McCartney): First of all, I am so happy she's growing out her hair; she was starting to get boring and too serious, like Posh Spice. This tux is such a chic take on something so classic, I'm so proud of this. The black and white color scheme matched with the (ugh) minimalism actually made this outfit uber chic and so effortless. I love how the lapels of the jacket were black, it made the jacket flow better into the pants.The relaxed hair made this look more youthful, which I really enjoyed; sometimes, I forget how old Katie Holmes really is. And the polka dot shoes added the perfect pop, without being an attention hog.
  • Whitney Port in LA (Asos): I wish I could be her. Seriously! I need to buy her new book to learn how to be JUST LIKE HER. Anyways, Whitney Port always has a way to look edgy and young, but still sophisticated. Though I wish her hair was in a messy bun or ponytail, I loved this outfit. The graphic shirt was a good contrast to the girly skirt. I actually really liked the baggy proportions of this look, especially because she looks like a supermodel.  The bow heels were adorable though I do wish she had different bracelets on! 

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