Monday, 28 March 2011

Next in Line

Obviously, the fashion world has been in major sleuthing mode, trying to figure out the heir to Dior. Although many believe that Riccardo Tisci will inherit the fabulous throne, yes Dior is a form of royalty, there are still some other viable candidates: Alber Elbaz and Stefano Pilati. For those who may not know current designers, let me break this down for you.

Even though everyone I've talked to seems to be very pro- Tisci, I'm not so sure I feel that way. Sure, Riccardo Tisci is doing great things at Givenchy and straying away from the Audrey Hepburn look I always define Givenchy by. But I really think that Alber Elbaz would make a better fit as the head designer of Dior. 

  •  Yes Tisci is a very talented designer, but I feel like he's making Givenchy more bohemian and youthful lately.  I love that for Givenchy, but I'm so used to Dior having a higher level of sophistication, for lack of a better word.  Even if you look at couture, Givenchy and Dior have two completely different looks. 

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Givenchy has a generally typical silhouette throughout it's Spring 2011 Couture collection, focusing on artistic and free spirited designs. Dior has a plethora of unique silhouettes (hello, volume) and uses bright colors. If we even compare the FW RTW looks of 2011, Givenchy is more "street style" while Dior, although it was still ready-to-wear, had more drama.  These two design houses have two complete different looks so I just don't know if Tisci can be as great at Dior and still maintain Christian Dior's original integrity

  • Alber Elbaz exudes a sense of drama in his Lanvin collections, let's remember how I called his latest collection "Tim Burton's Tea Party." But of course Dior doesn't want a carbon-copy of Galliano, since fashion is evolutionary. However, because the change in head designers is something sudden and probably wouldn't have happened if Galliano wasn't a anti-Semitic meanie, it would be easier for the brains at Dior to work with a designer whose designs are similar to Galliano's, yet offer something new. 

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Throughout Alber Elbaz's career at Lanvin, he's been able to give us a plethora of different looks. Regardless of the inspiration, however, he has successfully brought drama to the table. Whether via sparkles, as seen in FW RTW 2004 (left) or volumized silhouettes in FW RTW 2011 (right). I feel like he would perfectly uphold the Dior name, while bringing his own creativity to the runway.

  • Also, let's no forget that Tisci has only worked designed at Givenchy for six years, Elbaz has been at Lanvin for a decade. Riccardo Tisci has made his big break at Givenchy, so he is necessarily ready for filling  in Galliano's pointy shoes. Alber Elbaz, on the other hand, has worked at Geoffrey Beene, Yves Saint Laurent, and  Krizia. How's that for experience? Obviously, Elbaz can successfully head design for haute design houses and has enough credibility to prove it! 

You may wonder why I haven't brought up Stefano Pilati.
 Well here's why:
Personally, I'm not his biggest fan. Sure, Pilati has had a lot of hits at Yves Saint Laurent; however, I don't think he has yet proved himself worthy of the coveted Dior position. This may seem a bit harsh especially after being the successor to some incredible designers: Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.  Of course you can't compete with Laurent, and Ford is a fashion genius, but Pilati just isn't just doing it for me. Also, Yves Saint Laurent doesn't do couture anymore, so how would we know that he would do well with couture? We don't...

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Just not Dior material. 

Also, and not to be an ego-maniac, but I'm apparently a college fashionista

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