Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Weekly: Nevermind, I'll Find Someone Like You

First of all, let me just say that my love for Adele isn't adequately portrayed in this blog. I've been listening to her new album ,"21", nonstop since it was released and lately, I've been listening to it even more. I was a huge fan of her previous album, but this is musical gold. I'm not turning the Trendologist into a music/fashion/culture blog, but everyone should love Adele. 

Moving on. I am home for spring break! It has been, for the most part, lovely: eating good food, seeing incredible friends, and going on shopping sprees with my mom. I have a confession to make however:

I am addicted to TJ.Maxx.

What a silly thing to be obsessed with, one may think. Oh you have no idea. At my local TJ. Maxx, they have opened fashion heaven on earth, aka "Runway." Whenever I come home from college, my mom and I hit up Runway AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In fact, we may be going again right now! I think when you see my INCREDIBLE PURCHASES, you'll understand.

From left to right: Cynthia Rowley scarf, Cynthia Steffe sparkly tank, Ellen Tracey poncho, Michael Kors  dress, and Julie Brown glittered tank.

Who knew TJ. Maxx was this awesome?

If you have a TJ Maxx close to you, go and check out if they have the Runway collection. Unfortunately, only a few have them but it's definitely worth the excursion to find out.

Now, onto the weekly!

  • Mila Kunis at Cosmopolitan's Fun and Fearless Awards (Boca Negra): Mila Kunis is officially the epitome of casual chic. I am obsessed with this white suit. If anyone else were to do it, I would think it looked like a tacky Vegas ensemble. But, obviously, it doesn't on Mila. I like how she paired the luxe suit with a simple white tank, one that you could pick up almost anywhere. It dresses this look down and makes it fun. The black clutch adds a nice pop and I love how her hair always has those beachy waves- SO JEALOUS! 
  • Jennifer Aniston at a fragrance launch (Valentino): This might sound really weird, but just roll with it: Jennifer Aniston is like a fine wine. I swear she looks better and better in every picture I see of her. Brad who?  This Valentino look is obviously no exception to my sketchy and cliche metaphor.  The length of it is very age appropriate; however, the asymmetrical makes this dress young and chic. I'm not a huge fan of the color, I think it makes her look too young, but it was a nice change from black.  But thankfully, she did not accessorize because I personally think that would make her look like she's trying to relive her youth. But all in all, fabulous!


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  1. Runway at our tj is like therapy (although I've never been), and you get to bring something home!