Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Celeb Profile: Kourtney Kardashian

I've been watching a lot of Kourtney and Kim Take New York  lately- I even downloaded an episode for my journey back home! And I have a bone to pick with the media, I suppose: why does everyone look at Kim Kardashian as a major fashionista when Kourtney is the most stylish of the whole clan.  Khloe is my favorite Kardashian-don't worry I hope this post will be more intellectual- but Kourtney has a fabulous eye for fashion. Here are some prime examples:

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Even when she's doing daily activities,  Kourtney looks chic and fashion forward: here, she's wearing Balenciaga flats and that gorgeous Adrianne Landau vest! The large proportions are both flattering and effortless with her small frame. 

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Any of the Kardashians could pull off this vintage jumpsuit, but it was Kourtney's eye for fabulousity that makes this an amazing look. I love this all black look! She kept it simple and let the amazing details of this jumpsuit be the main focus.

I think what I love most about her style is how Kourtney doesn't always have to dress in body-con dresses; however, she doesn't wear shapeless designs either. She also looks like an everyday American woman as shown below:

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How Katherine Hepburn is this look?   This Elizabeth and James blouse matched with the Bleulab jeans looks so effortlessly chic and modern on her. When Kourtney goes out, it doesn't have to be a haute couture show...more like a ready-to-wear show.

And, let's be honest, would you see any of her sisters wearing something so androgynous?
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I'm so in love with this look, even though it whispers minimalism. Matching the Jill Stuart pants with the Kain sweatshirt is really unexpected. It's so...anti-Kardashian. And I kind of love it! 

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While I don't love- or really like at all- her combination of Wolford tights and Prada pumps, I do really appreciate her ability to experiment! 

The Kardashians are the modern day Kennedys (minus the political prestige and timelessness but add a sex tape and a plethora of endorsements...okay they're really nothing like Kennedys at all so that was a terrible comparison): we are all fascinated by them and secretly wish we could be as glamourous as them. Kourtney is the only one who makes aspiring fashionistas like myself intrigued and envious. She follows trends, but she also makes her own. It's not the same old same old like it is with another Kardashian (...Kim). Kourtney actually takes risks and has fun with fashion. And that's what it's really about, ladies and gents.


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