Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It Ain't Over 'till It's Over

The end of Fall/Winter 2011.
Overall I was, dare I say it, disappointed.
Mega disappointed.

They say that the best is saved for last, but fashion week proved that  the saying is frequently false. 

Exhibit A: Chanel.

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I know that a major trend of fashion week was 90's revival, but Chanel took the idea of 90's revival and, in my opinion, made it ugly. Coco Chanel is currently in her one of her fabulous lady suits, rolling in her grave.  Of course Karl added some Chanel elements to this collection, but this is pone of the first times I wasn't wow-ed by his creation. Everything was too dark, too unfitted, and too blah. And not even dark in a chic way, but dirty. Of course there was some really fabulous skirts and capes, some of the looks were just...very primitive.  And the finale look was rather boring! I've always thought that we should all live life by Lagerfeld, but I'm just not impressed by his latest collection.

Exhibit B: Louis Vuitton. 

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I'm so confused because Marc Jacobs created a relatively good collection for his own line. But this genuinely scares me. It isn't fashion, but scary costumes. I think the whole military-doorman inspired collection was a good idea, the execution was off. Way off.  I would love this if it was couture; but this Louis Vuitton collection is ready-to-wear.  It's definitely a creative collection, but a little too creative for ready-to-wear.  And the proportions were definitely out of whack and not flattering in the slightest. And also, Mr. Jacobs, you should not try to suffocate your models: that's not nice at all.

Exhibit C: Valentino.

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I'm not saying Valentino was horrible, because there are some looks that I really do like, but Valentino did NOT "wow" me. Maybe it's because there was some minimalism in this collection,  or maybe because the looks were rather primitive, but Valentino's collection was not as glamourous as it should be.  Also, in my humble opinion, there were way too many nudes for FALL. It's a fresh perspective obviously, but it's way too Indian Summer.


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The McQueen design camp never disappoints; season after season, they always provide abstract, yet wearable, pieces that makes everyone coo and, most importantly, think.  Although a very few of the pieces are ready-to-wear, I love this collection because of the innovative ways to incorporate fur. The silhouettes in this collection are absolute insanity.  And this collection is always keeping up with the black and white trend theory.  I'm really happy with Sarah Burton's work at Alexander McQueen thus far; she has truly maintained Alexander's artistic perspective on fashion. I feel like this collection would get a negative review from the mass media, but for aspiring fashionistas- it's a hit!


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