Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Weekly: That You Found a Girl and You're Married Now

This weekend has been a wedding filled weekend. Because spring break is SO close, some of my lovely ladies and I have taken the weekend to do some homework. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for our homework, we continued to be distracted by Say Yes to the Dress  and My Best Friend's Wedding. Consequently, I began thinking about something that will be life defining: my wedding dress. I have no desire to get married right now, but in terms of the wedding dress, why start early? This post isn't going to turn into "these are the wedding dresses I like", but I've devised a few do's and don'ts of the wedding ensemble.

But I will say that this dress is gorgeous:
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  1. DO NOT add color to your wedding dress: Unless you plan on polygamy or a divorce, this is your only wedding. Keep it classic and keep it white (or some shade of off-white).
  2. DO allow your bridesmaids to look fabulous: I'm a really big fan of keeping your bridal party in the same color, but different dresses. If someone has to put up with your bridezilla ways, it's the least you can do! It's also like you have a fashion strutting down the aisle, which is my dream wedding.
  3. DO NOT wear a short dress (unless it's your second wedding): Let's be honest, do you frequently wearing fabulous evening gowns? No! So why would you let the opportunity pass? That's just silly!
  4. DO splurge (if you are financially able): Not only is this a once in a lifetime dress, but you want to make sure that it is made well. How embarrassing would a wardrobe malfunction be as you're throwing the bouquet?
  5. DO make sure the bodice is form fitting: Whether you're opting for the princess skirt or a mermaid silhouette, you want to show off your bridal bod! Your dress should be ill-fitting and, depending on where the skirt begins, a fitted bodice will be flattering on all! 
  6. DO NOT settle for something that's just okay or ugly: This is your big day and you should love it more than your husband...kidding! 

Okay so enough of the sub-par introduction and now onto the Weeklies! 
  • Tom Ford at the Vanity Fair After Party (I would assume Tom Ford): Fabulous. Can any man dress better than Tom Ford? I really don't think so.  I love the mixture of velvet and a regular tuxedo. The dark blue velvet is blue enough to look fashion forward, but dark enough to look classy. The proportion of the bow-tie is also spot on. It was clownish but not too small, which I loved. And the boutineer on the lapel is so adorable. Ugh, I just love him! He's so cute.
  • Rosario Dawson at the same After Party (Diane von Furstenberg):  Love the dress' blue, I bought a dress from Topshop that's a similar blue! I think this dress is the perfect thing to wear to an Oscars After Party. The sparkles and length of the dress scream "classy", but the sexy slit and the relaxed silhouette screams "casual chic." I think her casual look was really cool and I'm glad she didn't stack on the jewels. I like how the hair was clean and slick, which was a perfect counter to the dress' silhouette. Also, I really loved the purple-grey shoes with the dress: it served as a neutral, which  made the main focus the dress. As it should be.
  • Nicole Richie at the Elton John After Party (Halston Heritage): So sleek and sexy, which I am obsessed with.  The slits in her dress was mixed perfectly with the- dare I compliment minimalism- minimal silhouette and the long sleeves. The dramatic lip was also really striking and chic with pure white. The hoop earrings also made this edgy dress look retro, which is so Nicole Richie. I just love her and her dress.
  • Blake Lively being trendy (Chanel): She has a way of always making it on my Weeklies.  Only Blake could make this all white ensemble look non-bridal. Overall, it's a really ethereal look: the messy hair, the ruffles on the dress. What I loved most about this look was the pop of color (aka the emerald earrings). I really believe that she could wear a garbage bag and be mistaken for wearing couture. 

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