Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My Beef with Taylor Momsen

So I watch Gossip Girl: partially for the "drama" and partially for the fashion. I mean if you just look at that link, do you get fashion shivers? I do... Anyways, there's a lot of things I don't like about the show: the drama is sometimes so unrealistic and the acting can be so bad. But the one thing I like least about the Cw hit?  TAYLOR MOMSEN. She is the one celebrity that I despise. We are the same age so you'd think that I would see her as a potential friend, right? Wrong. In a Teen Vogue interview, she's just so snobby it's painful.  She creates a front like she's better than every other teenager in the world.  And she's absolutely not especially because she looks and dresses like a train-wreck.  Like I get looking "rough" and hipster-esque...but she looks drugged up and a mess...all of the time. Like recently, she was spotted wearing these heels that had a nice compartment for tips. And with that ensemble she looks like a total prostitute.  I think what bothers me most about Taylor Momsen is her abrupt style change.When she was originally on her "rise to fame"- if she's even famous, that is-  she used to look so demure, clean, and matchy-matchy. And now she's all rebellious and somehow unable to conform...don't buy it. So all of this anger blew up when I learned that she is going to be the new face of a clothing line the material, Madonna. I mean the actual line is good: I think the clothes look innovative, edgy, but still appealing.  I think it's wrong to have Momsen as a face for this line. First of all, who looks up to Taylor Momsen. Second of all, there are plenty other actresses with a kind of commercial edge that other celebrities have . And third of all, come on Madonna! What about your daughter? That'd be sweet. Anyways...Taylor stinks.
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