Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Clothes Sale in Review

Yes, my clothes sale happened today and is FINALLY OVER. I was out in the blazing 100  degree sun for EIGHT HOURS (with a thirty minute fro-yo break), but it was all worth it: I made approximately $800 .  Not too shabby for being very iffy about the idea due to weather and lack of publicizing days. So it's official: I'm officially clothes-less.  Well not entirely cloth-less, I did keep some clothes, but it looks like I've been robbed. Voluntarily robbed. It's weird to say, especially coming out of someone who obsesses over fashion.  At some times, it was painful: people getting Jessica McClintock dresses for five dollars and purchases from Anthropologie and Ella Moss for a dollar. Some clothes dropped on the my graveled driveway and people, oblivious to it's true worth or  capability, would leave them there. It was heart-breaking. But at the same time, it was truly rewarding to see all of my old things go to people who were truly excited to wear my former clothes. Like this one family, splendid people, bought approximately $36 of merchandise- and when my things were dirt cheap, that's a lot. The daughter,  who had a very eclectic style of her own, tried on this green Jessica McClintock dress and fell in love. She tried it on and would not stop gushing about how "perfect it was": its beauty, its fit, everything. And that simple exclamation, that  truly genuine phrase, did not make me sad about losing my clothes: it made me feel like I was doing some good. I wanted her to buy it all: pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, EVERYTHING. And of course it was equally pleasing to hear compliments about my clothes. In a way, I felt like my clothes were my children and I, an unwanting parent, was giving them up for adoption. But not in a sad "this was a mistake way". Almost like being a mother bird and letting my babies escape from the nest. I think this metaphor is getting too weird... A perfect example of that fail of a comparison was when a women came a purchased two Ella Moss creations because her daughter "just loves Ella Moss".   I had this Ella Moss dress that she had not seen: it was short and black, with a bow on the front. I owned it in two colors,  green and black, and realized one of them had to go...I chose the green over the black. During my sale, I was considering grabbing the black and stuffing it back into my closet. But then I realized, it was time: as much as I love that dress,  it became TOO much of a staple. So I showed it to her and my black Ella and I parted ways. There were some things I regretfully kept: a black shrug and a strand of faux pearls, but I needed something to hold onto I guess.  Well enough of the mopey "I have no clothes" shenanigans and time for a funny story: my mom and I specifically put "Gals Tag Sale" on our signs, to avoid the inevitable man's search for tools. Now here's the irony: our first customer was a MAN who bought a purse. Followed by several men buying necklaces and bags.  Oh and another funny story: when I told one of the curious customers I was going to Boston for college, she asked me if I knew about the Boston Strangler.  Just wonderful. Alright well I think this is a solid synopsis of my day. Now the next step of my constant search to be a better aspiring fashionista: SHOPPING :)


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